We’ve finally entered The Teething Zone. I’ve heard plenty of stories about this stage in infant development, but I guess it’s not something you can fully grasp until you’ve witnessed it first hand.

For months Frances has been drooling and rubbing her index finger obsessively over her lower gums. When someone pointed it out I’d shrug and say, “I guess she’s teething”. Ha! In the past week she’s gone from a quiet, happy baby who contentedly plays by herself for hours, to one who can’t be left alone for more than five minutes.

One thing I didn’t anticipate was the scream that accompanies the fussing. Movie scripts would write this as, “blood curdling”. It’s the kind of scream that sends you running towards her, only to find Frances grinning widely at the look of concern on your face.

So far the best soother I’ve found is holding her. She’ll gnaw on a few of the wooden toys we have, but nothing calms her down more than wearing her. That’s not always an option, so I better figure out some teething alternatives!

Joy and Rebecca have written about their kids teething, so I’ve been searching The Green Baby Guide archives. Joy posted some great suggestions I’m going to try. She also recommends various homemade solutions and other conventional but natural remedies.

What did you use to sooth your teething baby? Homemade breast milk pops? Teething biscuits? Frozen celery? I’m ready to try anything, so please add your suggestions!