Solids Waste

When Frances first started on solids and her eliminations began to change, I remember thinking, “well, this isn’t too bad”. I take it all back! Of course it wasn’t too bad when all she ate was a few bites of fruit or avocado.

Flushable Liners

Flushable Liners

Thankfully we use cloth diapers and can use disposable liners when we expect her to poop. If she does poop in the cloth diaper, we use a sink sprayer installed in the bathroom to rinse the diaper out. Sink sprayers are a fourth of the price of the equivalent diaper sprayer, by the way.   Check out Rebecca’s post on Diaper Sprayers for more information.

Sink Sprayer for Diapers

Sink Sprayer for Diapers

My real issue is with the disposable diaper she uses at night.  And during naps, which we didn’t have to do until she started teething.  (Now if we want her to nap for more than 30 minutes, into the disposable she goes.)  She doesn’t often poop in the diaper, and just the pee stinks to high heaven!  Especially if she ate something with asparagus or garlic.



Even if I wrap up the disposable diaper in a plastic bag before throwing it away, it still stinks up the whole room every time I open the trash can lid.  And my stash of plastic bags is running low!  It also feels like a waste to take the trash out before the bag is full.

Short of buying a diaper genie, is there any way to minimize the stink of disposable diapers?  Should I put a chunk of charcoal in the bottom of the bag? Buy a can of lysol? Stop feeding Franci solid food??


  1. We use a disposable for our 14 month old at night, while stripping diapers, and during storms (I don’t want to be stuck with dirty diapers and no way to machine wash at home). I leave them in an open can that is lined with a plastic bag. We tightly wrap the diaper into something like a small package and toss it in after flushing any solids down the toilet. I find that it takes quite a number of days before any smell emanates from the can, even with the far-less-trash-outgoing situation that happens when only using 1 disposable a day. I have a sensitive sniffer. If you use a dry pail for your cloth diapers, have you tried a similar situation for the disposables? Are you using perfume-free diapers? I would still be using our local store brand of unscented disposables if it weren’t for a sensationally good sale I got on name brand ones at for possibly enough diapers to get us through until toilet training.

  2. Coriander, we use perfume and chlorine-free diapers and make sure they are tightly wrapped up before putting them in our disposable-only trash can with lid. The week she ate tons of winter squash, it smelled like rotting pumpkin. Now it smells like the indian food we had the other night. If there is a really poopy disposable, I’ll put it in a dog-poop bag before putting it in the trash. Mostly she poops in the toilet, so it’s really the pee that smells so strongly!

  3. Megan Landers says

    Do you drink coffee? If so, toss the used grounds into the basket along with the stinky disposables (at $8-ish a pound I wouldn’t use dry grounds). They do a decent job of covering (or absorbing) odors. Vinegar is another option, in lieu of Lysol. Make a solution of vinegar and water and spray the inside of the can, and then the inside of the bag and spritz the disposables when they go in. I try to avoid plastic bags and emptying the garbage too soon also, so depending on how often your waste is picked up, what about walking them out to the dumpster?

  4. Wow. Oh my. Rotting pumpkin? And hahaha-Indian food! I guess I would just put them into the outside trash can more often. Or tinkle-train her. Good luck with that! I bet some others are just sorry their kids aren’t eating good variety like that. Worse things, right?

  5. Megan, Thanks for the tips! I’m going to be cold-brewing a pound of coffee tomorrow, so I’m going to dump the grinds in the diaper trash and see what happens. I also just bought a gallon of distilled vinegar, so I’m going to try that out too.

    Coriander, she loves just about any food right now, so we’re enjoying it while we can! Who knows how she’ll feel about food in a year. We went out to eat last week and after a few bites of butternut squash soup she pushed it away, but reached over and over for the spicy Cajun sauce!

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