Airport Security with a Baby

Lanisoh Wipes

It’s a real thinker

Frances and I are hitting the skies again, for a much longer flight this time.  On our last trip, our time with the Transportation Security Officers was extended because they just couldn’t identify the Lansinoh Wipes through the X-ray machine. After running our diaper bag three times, they did a hand search and then re-ran both the bag and the wipes.

This time I’m planning to bring some breast milk along because I’m not sure I’ll be able to pump enough before we leave Franci with her cousins for the evening.  It might not be necessary, but I want to be sure I have enough for her.   Considering my past luck with TSA, I’m a little worried this won’t go smoothly.

Have you traveled with bottles of formula or breast milk?  Are there any tricks I might employ to make sure this goes more smoothly than my time with the wipes?



    As long as you tell them ahead of time, it should be okay.

  2. I hope so, Laura! I like how TSA encourages you to put your breast milk in your checked luggage. As it that weren’t a recipe for disaster. With my luck, I’d arrive at my destination with busted bottles and soaked clothes!

  3. not sure if every airport has implemented this, but ours now has a separate security line for families/medical (anyone with oversized liquids due to medical need or for babies, so basically exactly what you’re dealing with) – in that line you pull out your liquids ahead of time but don’t have to conform to the standard of only 1 quart size bag of small liquids….basically like someone else said, if you just explain ahead of time, before your bins go through the machine, that you have medically necessary breastmilk in larger amounts than normally allowed, you should have no problem 🙂

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