Correcting Bad Baby Behavior


Me, bad?

Frances’ “bad behavior” started off with hair pulling and nipple biting.  A stern “NO” and forcing her to release the hair (or nipple) still results in a giggle and a big smile.

Like all babies, she loves computers.  If she’s sitting on my lap while I type, she struggles in my arms to reach for the keyboard.  Moving her farther away, or removing the keyboard from her path, results in a meltdown.

Now that Frances is crawling, she’s getting herself into a lot more trouble.  We’re more into “house-proofing” the baby than “baby-proofing” the house, but parenting books don’t seem to get into the “how-to’s” of accomplishing that. I’ve read different ideas on correcting “wrong” behavior, and I’m curious to hear what our readers have found to be successful.

What do you use as an age-appropriate “punishment” for your infant? How do you discourage “wrong” behavior?


  1. I always find a no and setting the baby down and walking away as a good solution. I walk away for about 4 seconds and then come back and tell them, biting hurts, or that hurts when you pull my hair – and then if they do it again they get the same results. It’s worked with mine. Babies understand waaaay more than people give them credit for. Hope it helps.

  2. Becky, I definitely agree that babies understand more than people give them credit for! The look Frances gets in her eyes before she does something forbidden tells me it is true.

    I’m using the same strategy as you suggested, and some things are much better now (less hair pulling and biting). Of course, she’s coming up with new ways to disobey every day!

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