Waking up to a sick baby

All better!

All better!

Frances can no longer sleep through the sound of a single dog bark, but doesn’t wake up after vomiting all over herself?  Motherhood is full of surprises!

This morning Franci awoke at her usual time with her usual smile and giggle, accompanied by a little surprise for her dad: a huge pile of dry vomit. At some point in the night, she had puked in the crook of her arm while on her stomach. The dried chunks covered her face and hair, and her sleep sack and pajamas were cold and damp. Whatever made her sick worked it’s way out of both ends, because her diaper was in a similar state of affairs.

An infant getting sick in the middle of the night isn’t big news, I’m just incredulous that she slept that way for hours! And that she didn’t even notice upon waking up. The smell alone was enough to make me cry. That and the thought that my poor baby slept in her own barf. Maybe she wasn’t upset because whatever made her stomach turn was short-lived. Her temperature and temperment are completely normal and if you ignore the load of bedding tumbling in the dryer, it’s like none of it even happened.

Every parent has at least one good vomit story in his or her repetroire, so let’s commiserate. What’s your best tale of puke?


  1. I hope Frances doesn’t repeat that episode!

    Since nobody can top the story of Gina getting sick in Mexico (right, Erin?), I won’t even try. But I was glad I checked out this website this morning; it’s fun looking in the archives about holiday gift and craft ideas. Thanks, GBG, for the good suggestions!

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