Starting Holiday Traditions

Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving Traditions

Now that we’re approaching our first holiday season with Frances, I’ve been thinking a lot about family traditions. What rituals did I relish as a kid? What yearly activities do we want to incorporate into our celebrations? Is it time to re-imagine some of our current traditions?

Quite a few years back we decided to have a Greek-themed Thanksgiving for once. No, we’re not Greek. I wasn’t looking forward to cooking for three days, by myself, only to sit down to a meal I was tired of eating. I think the year before we had turkey for Thanksgivig and Christmas, and I was still burnt out on it. Plus, it’s such a rich and heavy meal! I wanted a menu that incorporated a few more fresh and raw ingredients, and that was a little more vegetarian-friendly. Thus, Greek Thanksgiving was created.

I haven’t looked back since. I love lamb, hummus, tzatiki, tabboleh, greek salad and, most of all, baklava for dessert. Plus, almost everything is made ahead of time. No sweating over the gravy as guests salivate over their wine glasses. It didn’t occur to me that I would ever do another turkey Thanksgiving until my husband brought it up. Didn’t I want Frances to experience what every other American child does? To relate to the tastes and smells of a “traditional” feast?

No family celebrates the holidays in exactly the same way, but a Turkey on T-Day is pretty much assumed. So maybe we’ll have to alter our family tradition just a little. Maybe next year we’ll have a turkey, or a goose the year after that. Or maybe Franci will just end up with those crazy parents that don’t have a turkey on Thanksgiving??

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