Baby Proofing for the Holidays



One of the stories re-told year after year involves my brother, a toddler at the time, eating a lightbulb off the tree. Despite my parents’ effort to place all the lights out of reach, he was still able to reach the bottom string and take a big bite out of one of the blue lights. This was when lights were the size of your thumb, not the little ones most trees have today.

The holidays are a magical time for children, and the temptations run high. The flickering candles on the table, the blinking lights everywhere, not to mention all the colorful ornaments and tasty looking tinsel. Or even the edible popcorn and cranberry garlands that are perfect for snacking.

Like my parents, I’m sure I will try my hardest to baby proof the house for the holidays, and then overlook one essential detail. I mean, there are just so many ways to be thwarted! Even if we erect a corral around the Christmas tree, there are still plenty of other decorations around the house. Aren’t poinsettias pretty poisonous?

How do you make sure your space is ready for your curious tots?


  1. Having a toddler explore our house recently reminded us how quickly little ones can move and how many hazards we have in our house. We’re glad we got a preview before our baby granddaughter reaches that age! I’ll enjoy hearing some tips on how to baby proof a grandparent’s house.

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