Limiting Holiday Gift Giving

Special Delivery!

Special Delivery!

Most of us have seen the blog post, A Ten-Month-Old’s Letter To Santa and boy is it true!  The tissue and ribbons and boxes are way more entertaining than any of the gifts at baby’s first Christmas.  Despite my best efforts at a recent party, I looked away for one minute and found Frances with magenta lips and fingers from the tissue she thought looked tasty.

Some relatives are more respectful than others of adhering to the “one gift rule” or whatever request you’ve set for holiday gift giving.  Babies are meant to be spoiled, right?  But what happens when the toy chest is too full to close or you can’t make a trip to the bathroom without stepping on a toy or two?

We asked Franci’s grandparents for specific gifts and no extras!  One cousin of mine has a good rule for her kids I plan to keep in mind: one toy in, one toy out.  That is, if her son gets a new toy he has to give away or donate one he no longer plays with.

How do you deal with over-eager grandparents or a Santa that just can’t say no to those chubby cheeks?


  1. I let the grandparents know what the kids would like or what I think they would like or need and they usually stick with that. We also pretty much do the “one in, one out” rule. The kids are old enough now that they protest it, but after offering them the choice of keeping the old thing and getting rid of the new thing they usually stop complaining!

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