Product Review: Gum Massagers


Zo-li Gummy Stick


KidGear The Teethifier II


It all started when I noticed Franci was more interested in rubbing her gums with the xylophone wand than using it to make music. I had suspected that her gums were starting to itch since she spent a lot of time with her fingers practically down her throat.

While she is more than welcome to use the wand in whatever way she desires, I thought it might be a good time to try out one of the gum massagers available.  There are lots of different choices, so I narrowed it down to cheap and easy to hold (and hard to swallow).

The Zo-li Gummy Stick looked the most like the xylophone wand, and it came in a pack of two. The price was way better than the Green Sprouts Silicone Gum Massager, but I was a little concerned the massaging end wouldn’t be long enough. Now that she’s used it a few times I think the length is just fine. If I hand it to her she massages her gums for a minute, and then abandons it to play with her toys. Still, it serves its purpose and I’d consider it a good purchase since it has the mouth guard. I thought about giving her a real toothbrush, but I was a little concerned she’d try to stick it down her throat.

I decided to go with something completely different while I was at it and ordered The Teethifier. Unlike all the other models, this one massages both sides at once. I had to show Frances how to use it several times, but now she understands how it works. Sometimes she chews on the ring with her front teeth, but I often find her using it as intended. She picks it up herself sometimes, so if you were going to buy just one gum massager this is the one I’d recommend.

Did you resort to a gum massager when the molars started itching? What kind did you use?


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