Product Review: Baby Food Pouches

On our recent travels, we found ourselves out of fresh food but still on an air plane. Luckily I had packed a backup meal for Frances: a Peter Rabbit Organics Puree. The 4 oz. serving was a little small for Franci’s appetite, but it was so easy to just squeeze it into her mouth and not worry about spoons or bowls or ice packs.

There are several choices out there for organic food pouches, like Happy Tot, Happy Baby, and Earth’s Best to name a few. Some, like Earth’s Best, have added minerals. Others, like Happy Baby, have ascorbic acid. I chose Peter Rabbit because the only “preservative” used is lemon juice.

I know there are lots more choices out there, but since we’ve hardly have an occasion to use one until now I’m still new to the different options. Franci can no longer be satiated with just breast milk, so it’s good to have a backup plan.

Do you have a favorite baby food pouch? Are there any that you just don’t like?

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