First Birthday Gift Ideas

Rocking Horse

Rocking Horse


Tricycle Walker

Hammer Set

Hammer Set








Frances is coming up on one year at the end of the month, and the grandparents have started asking for gift ideas. I don’t remember what it was like to be that young, so I’m not sure what to suggest. She has certainly outgrown some things since Christmas, like her bouncy seat and jump-up, but I don’t know if they even need to be replaced with anything.

She’s too young for crayons and still prefers to chew on books rather than read them, so I don’t want to request art supplies or more books. She loves her wooden blocks and stacking cups, but I don’t think she needs more of them. She’s too young for a Doll House, and I think I would have more fun with that than she would.

What about a Hammer Set? Will she be into that soon? What about a Tricycle Toy? Or a Rocking Horse?

I was trying to think of some bigger items that would be nice to not have to purchase ourselves, but I can’t think of anything we don’t already have: high chair, car seat, backpack. Is there some expense we’re overlooking?

As a new parent, each stage is something new and different so I’d love to hear what some of you veterans have to say!


  1. I always bug people for practical stuff like PJs, his bath soap – and my personal opinion is that books are always good – last forever and she’ll probably be into them very soon, just go with sturdier board-book style 🙂
    We got my son a tunnel from IKEA for his first birthday – cheap and I think it was his favorite gift! Made of nylon, scrunches up & has velcro tabs for easy storage.

    My parents got him a toddler size recliner – just big enough for him to work at climbing up at it around age 1, and now at 2 he likes to sit in it to look at books or watch a show – and will last a good while, definitely would still fit a school age kid – it’s pretty cute, not this exact one, but around this price I think:

  2. I agree with Melissa about board books. I have found this toy to be a years-ongoing favorite at our house, it moves very easily in any direction and can be used as happily as a push-toy as it can be a ride-on toy:

  3. Thank you for the good ideas! Board books are probably a safe bet, since Frances loves turning the pages in the ones she has. I’m thinking that Maisy’s Book Tower would be fun.

    Franci got a chair for Christmas, and she sits in it every morning. I think some sort of ride-on toy might be nice.

  4. Definitely a hammer/peg set! That toy was used by my kids more than anything else between the ages of 1-2. The other thing my kids really enjoyed were textured rubber balls…they have sort of soft spikey things all over them. They liked any type of large ball to roll and eventually toss back and forth with an adult, but the textured balls were their favorites.

  5. JJ, I think a textured ball sounds like a good idea. Franci likes it when I turn her stacking cups into a ball and roll it to her, so I’m sure she’d like a real ball!

  6. A play kitchen! She might not be ready for it yet but she will be before she’s two so I wouldn’t wait till the next birthday. It’s the thing that is played with every day in our house.

  7. Bryn, we definitely have a play kitchen in our sights. We’d love to find a vintage one that reminds us of our own childhoods and the fun we had with play kitchens. Now that you’ve reminded me I’ll have to keep my eye out!

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