Playing along with Papa

Playing along with Papa

Frances loves music.  The minute you start to hum or whistle she starts nodding her head along with the sound, no matter how made-up or off-key the song is!

I think most babies have an innate love of music. I’m sure there are countless studies on the subject, but I can say for a fact that it’s true for Franci. When I play the piano or her dad plays guitar for her she stops what she’s doing and listens.

One thing I’ve noticed, is that she doesn’t care about the music if you aren’t directing it at her. Sometimes she hears music on the TV and will nod along, but she loses interest quickly. She also doesn’t seem to notice music when she’s riding in the car, which is unfortunate since she’s not crazy about going for a drive to begin with.

So there seems to be a difference between having music directed towards her, and hearing music in the background. I wonder if there is music that she would actually listen to on “tape”, instead of hearing it live or on TV. She seems to enjoy dancing so much I would love to be able to pop in a CD and let her rock out!

Are your kids crazy about music too? What albums did they enjoy at a year old? Her birthday is coming right up, and I’m still trying to figure out the perfect gift. I’m not looking for Lullabys or Disney Silly Songs or music just for children, but a play list or CD of regular songs that she would enjoy dancing to (and that wouldn’t drive her parents crazy).