Product Review: Melissa & Doug Alligator Push Toy

Walking Practice

Walking Practice is Serious Business

Frances is dying to be mobile but hasn’t quite figured out the balance portion of walking. I blame it on her big head, because it isn’t for lack of motivation.

Since she loves walking but needs help, and my back can only take so much bending over, the Melissa & Doug Alligator Push Toy is the perfect activity.  Franci spends hours every day pushing it around the house. The only caveat is that someone has to turn her around once she reaches a dead end. She’s not particularly good at steering it, either, and constantly gets it stuck on chairs, corners, the couch.  She lets me know right away that she’s stuck and needs help.

Still, I can usually sneak in a few chores while she is occupied, which every parent knows is worth it.  She’ll often stop at the couch, coffee table or other furniture and take the time to explore.  I get in a few extra minutes while she navigates along the furniture before returning to her walker and continuing on her way.

One dead-end in our house is a sliding glass door. When she runs into it, she takes a few moments to look at the trees, birds, dogs and whatever else she see outside. She presses her belly into the handle bar of the walker and reaches her arms out to stretch, or scratch her head, or conduct the music that’s playing over the stereo.  I know she’s ready to turn around when she’s no longer babbling contentedly and starts yelling “Ma-ma!”.

Since walking is her favorite activity these days, she’s put many miles on her Alligator Push Toy. So this toy is fully endorsed by me and Franci.

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