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Amazon Mom

Amazon Mom

Most of you have probably heard of Amazon Prime, but have you heard of Amazon Mom? It gives you all the perks of a Prime membership (free 2-day shipping, access to the Kindle lending library, and free instant video streaming) plus 20% off Subscribe & Save orders of five or more.

(For those of you not familiar with Subscribe & Save, here’s how it works: Whatever items you’ve subscribed to are delivered by the first of the month at a 5% discount. You can cancel at any time, skip deliveries or have items delivered every two months, or six months, or whatever you decide.  If you don’t cancel the subscription for an item, it is automatically delivered on the schedule you’ve set but you get a warning email with plenty of time to postpone or cancel subscription items.)

The thing about a Prime membership is that you kind of have to work for it. If you order a couple things a month, it’s probably not worth it. But if you’re like us and live in a smaller city where we can’t buy a lot of our preferred items, it’s possible to make it a good deal. We’ve been Amazon Prime members for years now because we order so many household items online that our UPS driver knows us by name.

You don’t have to be a mom to sign up for Amazon Mom, but you do have to have enough space to store whatever you buy.  You often have to buy cases, or at least packs of two.  The trick is to be creative and thorough about figuring out what you can order through Subscribe & Save and making sure you have at least five orders each time you choose to have a delivery. Sure you can order dishwasher detergent, but keep in mind you might end up storing a few bottles.

This also means you have to be good about keeping your subscriptions up-to-date so you don’t receive too much organic baby food or too many OxiClean Max Force Gel Sticks too often. (Then again, if you have a baby you can never have too many of these.) When the end of the month approaches, I log in to see what items are scheduled for delivery and arrange things so that I hit the magic number “five”. I may have an extra case of Chlorine Free Diapers or a bottle of Multi-Vitamins to store, but it’s worth it. If I’m close to five subscriptions but not there, I can always round it out with coffee or tea or toothpaste. You get the idea.

While Amazon Mom may not be for everyone, it’s worth it for moms who love a good deal but are too busy – or too tired – for the store.


  1. Coriander says

    I check with a handful of friends each time I want to order something so that I can easily reach the five items ordered necessary for the full 20% discount. Though we cloth diaper during the day now, when we started buying diapers and wipes from Amazon, the $79 charge was more than covered by the savings realized by the 15% discount on each case. It made brand name paper diapers cheaper than the store brand diapers we had been buying. Now we use it and get great discounts on organic bpa-free canned goods and other kitchen and household supplies. We’ve received a lot of dented cans, but Amazon is quick to send replacements or refunds.

  2. Coriander, I think it’s a great idea to have friends help you meet the five items necessary. Someone will always need vitamins, or toothpaste, or something.

    Do you ever watch Prime Instant Video streaming? Now that my favorite shows are on hiatus for the summer, I’m going to check out their selection and really get the most of my membership.

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