Product Review: Potette 2 in 1 Potty

Toddler Approved

Toddler Approved

We’ve been practicing Elimination Communication, commonly known as “Infant Potty Training” for over a year. Although we are a long way from being diaper free, Franci uses her BabyBjorn potty successfully 6-8 times a day. At least once a day she signs “potty” when it’s time to poop, or right after she pees (if any one has tips on getting her to sign it before the pee, that would be great).

On the rare occasion we are out of the house when it is time to poop, Frances is not happy. She tries to hold it in, which everyone knows is uncomfortable. The problem is that she doesn’t like me to hold her over the toilet. It occurred to me it might be time to get a portable toddler seat that fits on a regular toilet seat.

I had my eye on a small folding version, such as the Primo Potty with handles, but by the time I went to make the purchase the price had tripled! And I just won’t bring myself to buy one of the colorful Disney folding seats, despite how cheap they are.

My second choice was the Potette Plus Potty, 2 in 1 1 potty and so far it is great! I can’t fit it in my purse, but it is still pretty easy to travel with, especially compared to the BabyBjorn. Folded up it is like carrying two stacked frisbees.

The Potette Potty works in two ways: as a small seat that sits on a toilet seat, or as a stand alone potty. I like that it fits on our oddly shaped toilet at home, and I think it will help her eventually transition to using the toilet.
If you use it as a stand alone potty, you need to have a bag or bowl handy to catch the waste. It came with a few of their patented bags, but I would just use a grocery bag with a paper towel in the bottom to absorb the pee. Either way, I’m sure we’ll be using it this summer on road trips.

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