Product Review: Kiddie Pool

Fun in the Sun!

Fun in the Sun!

Summer arrived a little early this year and the temperature has been way above the historic average for our area. I’m glad I remembered to buy a kiddie pool this year before they all sold out!

If you haven’t spent $10 on your molded kiddie pool yet this year, I highly recommend heading down to the nearest big box store and dropping that tenner before it’s too late. The last thing you want is for the 4th of July to come around and not have a pool for the kids (and dogs) to cool off in!

Granted, you will always be able to find an inflatable pool, but one sharp rock and the fun is over. Not to mention this kind of pool is not even an option for families with dogs.

If you have a lot of children or a cheap water supply, you can always get a Snapset pool. You have to keep it pretty full to keep the sides from collapsing, but it folds up nice and small when the season is over. Ours has held up to our dog’s explorations, but other reviewers weren’t so lucky. Still, if you are looking for a large-size kiddie pool that is easy to store, a Snapset pool is a good choice.

If you want a luxury molded kiddie pool complete with seats, an umbrella and a water wheel, spring for the Step2 Play and Shade Pool. The materials are higher quality than your standard molded kiddie pool and it sports its own shade, but you can buy 7 cheapo pools for the price of this Cadillac.

We bought our molded kiddie pool for $8 in the garden section of our local big box store, and it’s a big hit with Frances. Although she has to be supervised, lounging next to the pool reading a book is a pretty nice way to spend an hour!

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