TBT: Midwives


Labor among primitive peoples

According to the book The Zero Footprint Baby, a midwife is a greener choice for your birth whether you are at home or in a hospital because they tend to order less resources that produce waste and use electricity.

I can attest that our midwife has helped us make choices that reduce our environmental impact without compromising the health and wellbeing of our babies. Of course, forgoing all ultrasounds isn’t for everyone.

Whether you are motivated by environmental concerns or not, choosing the right midwife (or doctor) is the first big decision you’ll make during your pregnancy.  I thought I’d round up a few of our old posts that talk about midwives and midwifery care for Throwback Thursday.

Since Joy first wrote about The Unique Perspective Midwives Bring to Birth back in 2009, we’ve posted many times on the subject. Here are my favorites!

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