Parenting A-ha! Moments


In the Kitchen with Franci

I’ve been thinking lately about those moments during parenthood where something becomes clear that you weren’t even thinking about before; those “A-ha!” moments.  Like when it suddenly occurs to you that your breastfed baby gets gassy every time you eat cabbage, or that the reason she is fussy at 10am every morning is because she is tired.

Now that Franci is pushing 18 months and reaching certain milestones, like walking, those moments seem to be happening more frequently. Maybe I should have recognized some of them sooner, but that’s what makes them “A-ha!” moments, right?

For weeks now, or maybe it’s months, I’ve had to block all the cupboards and drawers with chairs and other furniture when it’s time to cook, since Frances insists on emptying them out whenever my hands are full. A couple of days ago, I finally realized that she wasn’t trying to drive me crazy, she wanted to cook too! Now when it’s time to make dinner, I set Franci on the floor with a bowl of kitchen tools: empty spice jars, little bowls and a spoon or two. She busily “cooks” away, pouring ingredients into the bowls, stirring and then tasting her concoction.

Another “A-ha!” moment I had recently had to do with Franci’s communication. She is saying new things every day, but oftentimes it is gibberish. I had dismissed one of these sounds, since it bared no resemblance to real words and she would just say it over and over. Finally, it occured to me that she was pointing at things and saying, “That!” As in, “What’s that?” I had no idea she was asking a question; I thought she was just calling everything a “dat”.

What are some of your more memorable “A-ha!” moments?


  1. An A-ha moment I remember is when our son repeatedly said “whuff” before stringing together more words. It turned that he was inquiring “What if …”. He was (is) a good thinker!

  2. Michele F says:

    It took us almost a month to figure out that “ah-no” was our guy saying rhino. Turns out one of his polo shirts has a rhino embroidered on it, like the IZOD alligator so it seemed out of context to us but not him!

    Also, he LOVES the learning tower we have for him. His grandpa made it, but you can also buy them. Frances might enjoy one too, though it does get him closer to everything on the counter.

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