Expecting a Second Child

Big Sister

Big Sister

The end is near! Of Pregnancy, I mean.  The birthing bed is made up and ready for laboring, the water heater is turned up and ready to fill the birthing tub, and the fridge is filled with coconut water. Bring it on!

I’ve been talking to Franci about her little sister for months, but lately I’ve changed the conversation. It’s not so much about, “there’s a baby in my belly” but how she’ll be helping care for the baby: reading her books, being gentle, doing laundry (her favorite chore).

Since we’re having another girl, there wasn’t really anything to buy. We picked up a case of diapers, but she’ll be in cloth (and infant potty training) as soon as the meconium is passed.

Despite the preparations, it’s hard to feel “prepared”. What are we missing?

Did you do anything else to prepare for a second child, or is there anything you wish you had done?


  1. When my second kiddo was born my first one was sick with a viral infection. This lead to inadvertently enforcing a rule I was really happy with later on. We only let big sister kiss little sister on the top of her head. Number 3 is due in a few weeks and I will make this rule again for both the older two.

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