Milk Debate: Best Non-Diary Alternative

Straight from the Source

Straight from the Source

If you’re allergic to milk, or prefer to limit your dairy intake, it doesn’t really matter if the milk is non-homogonized or raw. How do the non-dairy alternative out there stand up?

I suppose it all depends on your definition of “best”. Are you looking for the best flavor? Best value? Best nutritional content? Best homemade milk?

It seems like every year there is a new “milk” out there (hello, hemp milk), but let’s stick to the four most available options: rice, soy, almond and coconut.

Here’s what I discovered, with a little research:

Rice Milk: most allergy friendly milk, but high in carbs, sugar, calories, and low in protein (this makes me want to try making a brown rice version at home!).

Soy Milk: high in protein and calcium, low in sugar, but beware the non-organic GMO varieties.

Almond Milk: low in protein and sugar, good source of vitamins like magnesium and vitamin E and D. Try making it at home if you don’t want it fortified with calcium etc.

Coconut Milk: low protein, low calcium, low calorie, nut-free (it’s actually a fruit), high in lauric acid, a heart-healthy saturated fat.

For more detail and recipes on how to make all these at home, check out eat life whole. For details on 10 alternatives to cow’s milk, go over to The Ecologist.

Do you drink non-dairy milk? What is your favorite kind?


  1. Almond milk is the only one I can tolerate, digestively speaking (is that a word?). I have made my own before, it’s easy and tastes pretty good.

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