Product Review: The Portable High Chair

The Portable High Chair

The Portable High Chair

While part of the US has been seeing record breaking snow fall and cold weather, some of us have yet to see “real” winter this year. Since we’ve been enjoying spring-like weather for weeks, we’ve been spending a lot of time outdoors. Franci has even been taking her meals outside, and always asks to sit in her ciao! baby Portable High Chair.

There are some definite pros to the high chair. Franci has no chance of standing up in it or jumping up to run around in the middle of a meal. She is so securely held in place by the tray, it takes two people to take her out of the chair.

Which brings me to the main detraction. I can put her in the chair by myself, but I need help to get her out. The tray is immobile and close enough to the back of the chair that it is a tight fit at 23 months old. That, combined with the crotch piece, mean her feet get stuck when I lift her out. The product says it is for a child up to three years of age, but my two year old has nearly outgrown the opening.  If your child is still a little wobbly when sitting, the tight fit would hold her securely in place.  I wouldn’t recommend it for a child over two years old.

One great thing about The Portable High Chair is how easily it folds up for transport. It’s about the size of our other full-sized camp chairs and has a comparable carrying bag. It’s easy to set up, and the plastic lined tray is water proof and can be quickly wiped off with a damp rag.

When I first saw a picture of The Portable High Chair, I thought it was short. In some ways I like the height since it means Franci is at the same height as a picnic table. That said, I wish they would make a chair that would double as a kid’s camping chair. The tray would need to be removable, but it would be dual purpose! That way I wouldn’t have to pack two chairs for each kid.

Umbrella Attachment

Umbrella Attachment

If you’re used to sitting at picnic tables at a camp site, you know how impossible it is to secure a booster seat or folding travel highchair (like the one we reviewed previously). Picnic tables are not the cleanest of spaces, and can cause splinters on roaming hands. The benches beg to be stood upon and the tops crawled on top of. If your toddler loves to explore and be a little too busy during meal times, being corralled in a highchair from whence they can’t escape could be the answer to your problems.

In the middle of writing this review I found out that they also sell an attachable umbrella.  We haven’t tried it out, but it would provide a nice sunshade for your little one!

If you do a lot of camping with your little ones or just a lot of car travel to destinations without high chairs, you might really like The Portable High Chair.  Right now you can get $10 off an original model by using the promo code Save10.  The code also applies to the umbrella, but not the college chairs.

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