Celebrating Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

The first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970 with the goal of supporting environmental protection.  As Eco-Conscious parents, we try to make green choices every day, but any cause for celebration is more than welcome!  Here are a few ideas to help your family honor the Earth.

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 Choose Local

The farther food and other goods have to travel, the more carbon emission are released into the atmosphere.  Buying local not only reduces your own carbon footprint, but supports your community at the same time.

Whether you are visiting a farmer’s market or a shop that sells locally-made items, buying local also strengthen ties within the community and builds a happier, safer environment for your family.

Plant a Garden

Grow your own!

Grow your own!

Spring is here and planting season has begun!  Whether you have the space to commit to a whole garden, a small raised bed, or just a few pots, gardening is the perfect way to celebrate the Earth.

Gardening is a great way to spend time with your kids too, even if it’s just playing in the dirt and finding worms.  Older kids can help decide what to plant, plant seedling, water and pull weeds. Check our Ten Easy Ideas for Getting Your Children into the Garden for more ideas!


Visit a National Park

Sequoia Park with Slides

There are 58 National Parks in the US, and each one is worth a visit.  By introducing your kids to the beauty of nature, you can instill a respect for our nation’s green spaces and wildlife.  Visit http://findyourpark.com/ to find your closest National Park.

If you’re looking to stay a little closer to home, there are 6,624 state parks to choose from.  Whether you’re planning to do a little hiking or just have a picnic, supporting your state parks makes sure they are kept open for future generations.

Of course, we don’t want to overlook the green spaces in our own backyard.  So put on those walking shoes and visit one of your local parks today!


Buy Green

green parenting challengeMoney talks, and each time you choose Eco-Friendly products over their conventional counterparts, you’re sending a message that sustainability matters. The proof is in the availability of green products available at regular grocery stores.  It wasn’t that long ago that you’d have to visit a specialty store to find organic items!

If you’re looking for a few Eco-Friendly companies to support, check out our Earth Day Roundup!

More Ideas

As a blog dedicated to Eco-Concious parenting, our archives are full of great ideas for celebrating Earth Day, or just making your household a little more green.

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