Product Review and Giveaway: Snipe Hunt

Snipes in their Nest

Snipes in their Nest

Snipe Hunt Review

Now that spring is in full swing and summer is just around the corner, we’re on the lookout for outdoor games and activities to keep Franci occupied. She will spend hours at her water table playing imaginary games and getting nice and wet, but I’m not willing to set it up for short-term play.  I have to be sure she’s going to be at it for at least a couple of hours on a day that is warm enough to be in wet clothes.

We found a great short-term activity that is perfect for outdoors, but is also good for indoor fun as well.  For months, one of her favorite games has been Hide and Seek, and Snipe Hunt takes it to a whole new level.  The best part is that I don’t have to do the hiding or seeking myself!

Some of you might be familiar with the mythical “Snipe Hunt“, but I had not heard of it until we got the game.  It’s basically a practical joke played on inexperienced campers who are encouraged to go looking for an imaginary animal (the snipe) and use ridiculous methods to try and catch it, like making funny noises.  Basically, the goal is to make the newbie look silly and then laugh about it.

This Snipe Hunt game, from Education Outdoors, doesn’t make a fool out of the players.  There are actual Snipes that can be found by the hunters.  Each package comes with two Snipes, which lets you turn it into a race as well as a hunt (if you so desire).  Once the Snipes are hidden, the hunters begin their search with the goal of finding the Snipes and returning them to their nest.  If it’s a race, the first hunter (or team of hunters) to return their Snipe to the nest wins.

After a Snipe is hidden and a certain amount of time has gone by, it begins to chirp and it’s eyes light up.  This helps the hunters home in on its location and ensures that it is found.  Since Franci still thinks she is “hiding” by lying on the floor and covering her head, I usually wait a minute or two before hiding the Snipe.  Otherwise she gets impatient because it stays silent for several minutes before the chirping begins.

My one complaint is that once it starts making noise, there is no variation in the chirping (it chirps continuously).  I think it would prolong the hunt if it was silent for a period of time, then chirped once a minute for a bit, and eventually the chirping could ramp up to every 30 seconds until it finally chirped continuously. Perhaps a future version would allow you to set how long you want the hunt to go on.  That is, it would chirp periodically but begin its continuous chirp after a chosen amount of time.

Overall, it’s a nice diversion when she wants to play with me but I have other ideas in mind (like making dinner).  I might have to re-hide the Snipe once in a while, but she is occupied hunting for it in the meantime.  Once the girls are older, they can each hide a Snipe for the other, and then see who can find the others’ first.


Goin’ on a Snipe Hunt

Snipe Hunt Giveaway

We are giving away a Snipe Hunt Game from Education Outdoors so your kids can go on their own Snipe Hunt!

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  1. I liked Education Outdoors!

  2. jaucelyn ceron says

    Looks very fun would love to play with my kids

  3. Katie Charleson says

    Such a cute idea!! I shared and liked on Facebook. My son always pretends to look for snipes since the movie Up.

  4. Autumnbree Haberland says

    Looks like fun!

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