Eco-Friendly Kickstarter Campaigns

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the Little Lotus Kickstarter campaign, and then it occurred to me that there are probably dozens of sustainable and Eco-friendly campaigns going on right now.  I decided to do a little looking around to find other Kickstarter campaigns going on right now that are worth your consideration.

Aquasana Filter Bottle

Aquasana Filter Bottle

Aquasana Filter Bottle

We reviewed Aquasana’s glass water bottle last year and it is still my favorite glass water bottle. When I heard they were starting a Kickstarter Campaign to design and manufacture a filter bottle, I was excited to check out their idea and support their campaign.

Aquasana’s goal is to deliver professional grade water filtration right in the bottle.  It will reduce lead, chlorine, and 99% of bacteria, virus and cysts from drinking water. It’s designed to filter 80 gallons of water, which will make it the longest lasting filter bottle on the market. That is the equivalent of 640 disposable plastic bottles.  They’re going to make both a glass version (with a silicone sleeve), and a BPA-Free Tritan Plastic version.

The Aquasana Filter Bottle Kickstarter Campaign ends on Sunday, May 31 2015.

Modular Children's Chair

Modular Children’s Chair

UpWeeGo Modular Chair

The idea of the UpWeeGo Modular Chair was born with the intention of giving kids the independence to get into their highchair unassisted. The modular options allow the product to grow with child from infant to 6 years.  The chair cleans up in seconds and has a 100% antimicrobial Microban coating. The modular components interconnect to save space and this line can help support developmental milestones, balance, coordinate and build overall confidence.

The UpWeeGo Modular Chair will be available in 7 different colors, and you will be able to purchase the chair, slide, steps, infant insert, tray and drawer separately.  If they reach their initial goals they will add a Stretch Goal with a rock climbing option.

UpWeeGo has developed a “Keep it Green” recycling program that encourage you to send back your StepUp chair, or any of its components, in exchange for UpWeeGo “Green Dollars” based on the total weight returned.  The dollars can be used to purchase new items from their website, such as specially priced items made partially from recycled UpWeeGo products.  Rain barrels and planter boxes are just few of the planned items.  Depending on the items condition they may also choose to donate returned items to various charities.  The customer will still receive Green Dollars based on the total weight returned.

The UpWeeGo Modular Chair Kickstarter Campaign ends on Tuesday, Jun 9 2015.

Little Lotus Sleeping Bag

Little Lotus Sleeping Bag

Little Lotus: Buy One & Help Save a Life

Little Lotus is raising money to design and produce a swaddling blanket, sleeping bag and throw blanket made from NASA design fabric that keeps babies at a perfect temperature so they can rest better. For every product purchased, an Embrace Warmer will be donated to a baby in need.

The Little Lotus Kickstarter Campaign ends on Friday, May 29th, 2015.

Tiny Homes for Those in Need Around the World

Tiny Home Prototype

Tiny Home Prototype

The Charles London Group is dedicated to alleviating the housing crisis and the lack of sustainable affordable shelter for people around the world. They are designing G.O. Module (Global Opulence Module) homes and have already dedicated two years of research and prototype development towards that end.  The focus  of these Tiny Homes is sustainable living with Eco-friendly and energy efficient attributes that will reduce carbon footprints around the world.

They believe in social responsibility and the education of living smart and plan to donate a G.O. Module outfitted with medical supplies and fresh water to disaster sites in need for every other G.O. Module purchased. The G.O. Module, after use, will be given to a family in need.

The Tiny Homes for Those in Need Kickstarter Campaign ends on Tuesday, Jun 2 2015.

Pedra Eco-Friendly Planters

Pedra Eco-Friendly Planters

Pedra Natural Rock Planters

We are big fans of house plants, as many of our readers know, and I love the idea of growing them in natural rock planters. A $15 donation gets you a natural rock planter for you and a friend, and they are the perfect vessel for a succulent, moss, or brake fern.

Their goal is to produce these planters and sell them all around the world as an esthetic alternative to plastic ones that end up in land fills.

The Pedra Natural Rock Planters Kickstarter Campaign ends on Tuesday, June 2 2015.

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