Product Review: JAWS Cleaners

JAWS Just Add Water System

Just Add Water System

Just Add Water System

We recently received a JAWS – Just Add Water System Complete Home Cleaning Kit to review. JAWS uses reusable spray bottles and little cartridges of highly concentrated cleaning ingredients. You just fill the spray bottles with water and all you need to buy after investing in your first set is the cartridges of cleaning solution.

We tried all four — Shower, Hardwood, Kitchen and Glass. In terms of efficacy, these products are good. My favorite was the glass cleaner. I looked online at other reviews and I am not alone. The stuff really works. It’s way better and more effective than Windex or its generic equivalents. My mirrors are all streak-free and I hardly used any of the cleaner.

Reduce the amount of plastic thrown away 26:1

Reduce the amount of plastic thrown away 26:1

The hardwood cleaner leaves no residue and has a subtle pleasant scent. The kitchen cleaner was great for cutting grease and making counters and sinks spotless. The shower cleaner was probably my least favorite because it took a lot of scrubbing to get my shower clean. That being said, it did work and I have no real complaints.

In terms of its actual ecological impact and overall safety, I can’t really say I have no concerns. The ingredients listed are vague at best and seem “green-washed”. It contains “plant derived surfactants”, “biodegradable solvent”, “fragrance” and “colorant”. So, who knows.

As for their sales pitch, they say JAWS “delivers high-performance, biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning liquids that do not release toxins into the ground and water systems as with other household cleaners.”

All I can say with respect to it’s ecological impact is that if you are buying mainstream chemical cleaners and buying new bottles every time, this would be a step up. If you are cleaning with vinegar that you buy at the local food co-op in mason jars you bring from home you should probably stick with that.



  1. These are awesome! The offer a fantastic deep cleaning for all kinds of surfaces!

  2. Really nice review! I like eco-friendly cleaning products and I believe that they are the future of cleaning! 🙂

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