Product Review and Giveaway: All Good GOOP and Kid’s Sunscreen

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When it comes to skincare, we usually stick to the basics. That means if we’re not making our own lotion or shampoo, we look for products that contain a few simple ingredients that get the job done. Elemental Herbs has many great products, and including an all-purpose healing balm and several sunscreens.

Besides using organic, medicinal quality ingredients, the Elemental Herbs facility runs on solar power, and all products are cruelty-free. They are an Eco-friendly corporation you can feel good about supporting. For more information, take a look here.

All Good GOOP Healing Balm

Healing Balm

Healing Balm

We live in a dry, high altitude climate that can be harsh on the skin. Dry, cracked skin and rough cheeks are a regular occurrence in our household, enough that Franci frequently requests “lotion” for her “owies”. I feel comfortable rubbing on a little bit of All Good GOOP, because I recognize all the ingredients (and usually put them in my own balm, when I actually have time to make it).

The GOOP was the first product Elemental Herbs came up with, and it is one I will keep on hand. It contains healing herbs Calendula, Comfrey, Plantain, and Yarrow, as well as comforting (and anti-bacterial) Lavender and Vitamin E (often used as a preservative). It’s 82% Organic, GMO-free, and is based with Olive oil and sustainably sourced beeswax.

It’s definitely a balm and not a lotion, which means you won’t want to slather it all over your hands (unless you plan on sleeping in gloves afterwards). I expected it to be greasy, since it is supposed to keep areas moist and protected.

All Good Kid’s Sunscreen

Kid's Suncreen

Kid’s Suncreen

Since we live in a high altitude desert, sunscreen is a must even when it’s cold out. Franci is an outdoors kind of girl, and will try her hardest to convince me to fill her water table with warm water when it’s really too cold for water play. So despite the cold and windy spring we’ve had, we’ve had plenty of opportunities to try out the All Good Kid’s Sunscreen.

I’m always on the lookout for non-nano zinc sunscreen, and I like the extra ingredients that Elemental Herbs includes: Green Tea (to fight against free-radicals); Chamomile and Calendula (for soothing and healing); and Rose Hips (t0 help regenerate skin cells). It is apparent that they have done their research and concocted a sunscreen that not only protects from the sun, but heals any damage caused by exposure.

As suggested, I made sure Franci was moisturized (or already a little wet) when applying. Otherwise it was harder to apply and didn’t “go on clear” as advertised. I fully expect zinc sunscreens to be a little white, so this wasn’t a deal breaker. And I know it works, because I didn’t think to put any on her lower back – where her shirt ends and pants begin – and she ended up with a little strip of red where her skin was exposed.



All Good Sunstick

I always find the face the hardest part of my kids to apply sunscreen effectively and without making them look like ghosts. They are impatient (and in a hurry to get outside) and don’t want to be subjected to a round of sun-protection. So while I use the All Good Kid’s Sunscreen for most of the body, I like the All Good Sunstick for the face. It doesn’t contain the soothing and healing ingredients, but it has more oils and waxes to help it glide on easily and not leave white streaks. Since they are always in wide-brimmed hats, and bending over in concentration, I feel their faces are well protected.

All Good GOOP and Kid’s Sunscreen Giveaway

We are giving away a jar of All Good GOOP and a tube of All Good Kid’s Sunscreen from Elemental Herbs, so you and your family can have fun and stay safe outdoors this summer!

You can enter our giveaway up to four times, and the last day of entry is Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015. Entries must be received by midnight, PDT. Open to US residents only.

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Healing Balm

Healing Balm

Kid's Suncreen

Kid’s Suncreen


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