“Unshopping” Month Update

Franci's Rummage Sale Finds

Franci’s Rummage Sale Finds

I wish we could claim ultimate success during our “unshopping” month, but we’ve had a few slip-ups. Nothing to loose sleep over, but enough that I’m going to extend the challenge to see if I can actually succeed for a few weeks.

Allison and I made a last-minute trip to Rebecca’s book release party, and I was able to confine my spending to consumables, but there were probably too many of those.  Oh, and those pairs of used overalls and sunglasses for Franci to wear gardening are not edible.  As much as I wanted to avoid buying anything for the girls, I’ve been looking for overalls for months and hadn’t found any second-hand until then.  I just couldn’t pass it up.

Then there was a rummage sale at the church down the street, and we bought so much stuff that we had to run home for the car to carry it all back.  The total cost wasn’t high, and we found a few things that we’d been looking for, but I was still feeling a little guilty.  To help offset the monetary cost of our lapse, I decided to trim my own hair instead of paying for a professional cut.

I was determined to avoid online shopping completely this month, but I managed to fail there as well.  I didn’t let myself look at Zulily once because I too often get sucked into their deals.  Then a friend stopped by and told me about their great kid’s shoe sale, and offered to include me on her “free shipping until midnight” and my resolve wavered. I ended up ordering two pairs.  It’s so hard to find shoes small enough for Franci, and at such a good price too.

The good news is that during my weekly trip to the grocery store, I was able to keep extraneous purchases in check.  I didn’t by any pre-made meals and just barely avoided an impulse buy of my favorite, and very expensive, cheese. Our grocery bill was significantly less once I kept the indulgence items out of my cart.  As fun as it is to splurge on fancy chocolate or fresh raspberries, I’m going to try and keep them as a once-in-a-while (and not once-weekly) splurge.

What I’ve learned so far is that my life is just as enjoyable without the extras, but that it is going to take me more than one month to really alter my shopping habits.

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