Schwinn The Biking Game Review and Giveaway!

scwhinngameIt was a rainy, cold afternoon in May (a sad reality of life in the upper Midwest) when I found myself in the unfortunate situation of refereeing a screeching match between two five-year-olds and a six-year-old. Then I remembered…May is National Bicycle Month and we recently received a copy of Schwinn The Biking Board Game! I stumbled to the game closet, barely getting the box down before an entire room of my home was destroyed by maniacal, possibly cannibalistic, little girls.

“Hey guys, do you want to play a new game?”

I held my breath as they regarded me with suspicion.

“It’s about bikes”.

That did it. They were hooked.

Fortunately for me that day, the Education Outdoors game is suitable for ages 4 and up. The girls enjoyed the adrenaline rush they received from competing with each other for which bicycle game piece they were going to use. Once that part was safely behind us, the game progressed quickly. The instructions were simple enough…roll a die to move spaces on the board. The spaces require the player to either answer a trivia question, travel to the bike shop to read a fact from a trivia card or pass the die to the next player. The trivia questions are sorted into levels, 1 being the easiest and most suited for young children and 4 being the most difficult, geared more toward bike aficionados. The kids had no problems answering their level one questions, mainly revolving around obvious bicycle structures, safe bike practices and even a few open ended questions (“what is your favorite bike riding memory?”). There are also ways to take shortcuts and little set backs that can occur, making for an interesting game.

The kids loved the game so much they demanded to play it a second time. We spent almost an hour playing the game, which says a lot considering that the attention span of these people is roughly equivalent to a gerbil on speed. My youngest daughter even begged her daddy to play it with her before he left for work the next morning.

Schwinn The Biking Board Game is unique, just the right amount of challenging and you might even learn something (did you know that 3.2 million Americans bike to work each week?) It would make a good addition to any family game collection.

Win Schwinn The Biking Game!

Thanks to Education Outdoors, we’re giving away a copy of this perfect back-to-school game! Open to US Residents only, the contest will run through September 29th at 12am PDT.

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