Product Review: Super Undies Nighttime Undies

Super Undies

Reusable Nighttime Pullups

Cotton Nighttime Pullups

I must admit that we have not been as committed to cloth diapering at night as during the day.  Actually, we exclusively use disposable at night because our girls have a propensity toward diaper rash if left in a wet cloth diaper and, more importantly, we don’t want to jinx their habit of sleeping through the night.

Once Franci started having dry diapers most mornings, I felt it was time to try a reusable nighttime diaper.  Especially since you can only reuse an un-soiled disposable so many times, and throwing dry diapers away was starting to cause a case of eco-guilt.  Of course we use chlorine-free, biodegradable diapers that use corn fiber for absorption, but still.

Microfiber Nighttime Pullups

Microfiber Nighttime Pullups

Considering Frances was wearing underwear during the day, I wanted to find a nighttime solution that was pull-up style, and not a diaper.  More importantly, it had to have the absorbency to handle a toddler-sized pee.  Along came Super Undies to the rescue!

We tried both the Cotton version and the Microfiber version and both seem to work equally as well.  We haven’t had leaks in either, and the biggest difference is that the Microfiber dries more quickly and doesn’t feel as wet.  However, in my cloth diapering experience, cotton holds more liquid and is easier to care for in the long run (you don’t have to strip it as often).

The fit on both models is pretty snug, which means I really have to tug them on.  It also means I don’t have to worry about leaks.  Franci can’t pull her daytime underwear off and on yet, and by the time she can pull the Super Undies off by herself she probably won’t need them.  The leg holes and waist are padded, so the snugness doesn’t bother her.

The inside is pretty complicated, with the main insert sewn into the front only, so you can double it over for boys and also so you can pull it out for a quicker dry time.  The drawback to this design is that you have to get the liner alined correctly before putting it on, otherwise it bunches up in the wrong places.  A thin liner covers the insert, to help wick away moisture.  You can also purchase an extra “soaker pad” if you have a heavy wetter.  It is half the size of a liner, and you just tuck it under the liner.

As with all reusable nighttime diapers, it is bulky.  I don’t think there is any way to avoid it, and it doesn’t prevent any of Franci’s pajamas from fitting.  I love all the color options (5 for Cotton, 7 for Microfiber) and the design doesn’t look like a diaper.  We reuse ours several nights in a row, since she usually wakes up dry.  This means the investment, for us, was minimal.  After a few months of regular use and many washings, they have held up well and haven’t even faded.

We’re using the smallest size right now, and there are 4 sizes for kids.  The large fits 9-10 year-olds, and you can always add in extra inserts for older kids or heavy wetters.

One pretty awesome aspect of the Super Undies company is that they have an underwear line specifically for special needs children and even a large version for adults.

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