Book Review: Doodle Lit

2015-06-29 16.54.07We like to mix it up a little here at The Green Baby Guide, so this book review was written by our 9-year-old correspondent, Audrey.

Doodle Lit By Jennifer Adams and Alison Oliver is a book for ages eight to really anyone. The people who like authors, fun drawing, quizzes, and different strange activities would prefer Doodle lit.

Doodle lit is about literature (the lit is italic because of doodle lit get it!) and activities that have to do with the authors life time and books. In parts of the book scissors are needed, but I preferred to not cut, paste, or glue anything (a sign of laziness). But that’s your choice.


I did skip ahead sometimes after every two pages, this may happen to you on certain on cause of boredness. In other words, if you get bored with one page, you can keep flipping through to find another project that interests you.


  1. I am a fan of your new correspondent!

  2. Nicole Fye says:

    Very interesting. Based on this review, I think my stepson would enjoy Doodle Lit!

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