Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Kids

Chuao Chocolate

chuao-chocolateWe usually stick to non-edible gifts at our house, but it’s hardly Valentine’s Day without chocolate!  Lucky for us there’s a lot of great chocolate available these days, since we’re going for quality over quality. One of our new favorites is Chuao Chocolate.  They have a great variety and fun flavors that appeal to grownups and kids alike.

Our current favorite is Chuao’s Oh My S’mores.  It combines two of our favorite treats, chocolate bars and s’mores; no campfire required!  Waffle Wild Strawberry is another great choice for kids, or how about Potato Chip?  Or Firecracker? As if chocolate needed help being more fun!

To keep portion size in check, and provide a little variety, try their assortment of mini-bars.  Just remember to share some with the kiddos!


awesome-boxOur girls love to look at pictures and have several mini-photo albums of their friends and family.  They will spend hours flipping through the pages and talking about each person in the picture.  AwesomeBox is a unique take on a photo album that is just as memorable and maybe even more fun.

Instead of turning pages in an album, the pictures are on cards that come in a nice storage box.  Each card is double sided, so you can personalize both sides: one with a picture and caption; one with a personal message.  The cards are square and have a colorful border.

To make your own AwesomeBox, you begin by creating a project on their website and then start uploading pictures.  After each picture uploads, you have the option to add a caption and a message on the other side of the card.  If you prefer, you can leave the back blank, or have a card without a photo on it but a story or memory. You can even invite friends and family to contribute to the project with their own photos and messages.  It’s kind of like a time capsule of memories, stories and photos.

The AwesomeBox you create can be started at any time, and is delivered to the recipient on the day of your choosing.  That way you have plenty of time to gather photos and messages from everyone and make sure it is just right.  If you start a project right now use the promo code LOVE to get $10 off, plus free USPS shipping! Valid through March 1, 2016.

BabyLit Books

secretgarden_babylitIf you’re a bibliophile that loves the classics, you’ll love the BabyLit collection of board books by Jennifer Adams and illustrated by Alison Oliver.  Each one is based on a classic story, but is actually a colorful primer perfect for babies and toddlers.  Oliver’s drawings are bold and the colors vibrant. Her unique artistic style is memorable and fun.

For example, Moby Dick introduces the characters and words about sailing and the sea.   Don Quixote has both the English and Spanish words essential to the novel and The Secret Garden has drawings of different flowers.

There are actually so many different BabyLit versions of the classics, you’re sure to find your favorite in the list!


zoonicornStuffed animals are always a big hit, so why not show the love you have for your one-of-a-kind child with a rare Zebra-Unicorn hybrid, the Zoonicorn. These soft plushies come in blue, purple, green and pink, and each have a unique name.
buffy-meets-the-zoonicornsMy daughter loved her purple Promithea, as much because it was purple as it was a Unicorn.

Of course, she has been enthralled with Unicorns since watching The Last Unicorn. If your kid can’t get enough, they also sell a Zoonicorn book.

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