snu:mee Baby Monitor and Music Player


snu:mee Baby Monitor and Music Player

My kids are lucky enough to fall asleep to a live acoustic guitar set most every night, courtesy of their father.  They get to dance to a song or two, and then it’s into bed and they drift off to increasingly relaxing songs.  This arrangement works great for me too except when he’s out of town!  I have recordings of him playing on my phone, but it’s very distracting to find and play the songs since my phone lights up each time I play a new song.

I couldn’t believe my luck when I was sent a snu:mee Baby Monitor and Music Player to review!  The first thing I did, after setting it up, was create a playlist of his songs.  After the set plays, snu:mee turns into a Baby Monitor (via my phone).  They just started their Indiegogo campaign, so for the next month you can get a big discount on your own snu:mee by donating to their crowdfunding project.

Setting up the snu:mee on my Android was very easy, since it has an internal Wifi connection that shows up in your phone’s list of available Wifi networks.  Once I was connected, I was able to use the Baby Stars – rock2sleep App to access the playlists, nature sounds and to switch to Baby Monitor Mode.

To create the bedtime playlist for my girls, I used the USB connection to plug it into my computer.  It was as simple as dragging and dropping the mp3s into the snu:mee drive.  I used the App on my phone to add the songs to a new playlist.


Rock 2 Sleep App

The creators of Baby Stars – rock2sleep have several albums of songs available, recorded in their own studios.  My favorite is the lullaby renditions of Coldplay songs, but the P!NK lullaby album is a close second.  You can also put songs from your own collection on the snu:mee, or record mp3s using the App on your phone.  My one complaint is that the Ocean Sounds included on the device does not feature waves crashing on the sand; it’s just a loops of white noise with no ebb and flow.

Although I love that it is a baby monitor too, I won’t be using it at home as such (just for travel).  Because you have to be on the snu:mee Wifi for it to be connected, you can’t also be on your regular Wifi.  That is, you’ll be using your phone’s data plan to do any web browsing while you’re connected to the snu:mee.  **Correction: you can use your home wi-fi to avoid this issue.  See the co-founders comment below**.  If you have an iPod in addition to a smart phone, this won’t be an issue.  Another limitation is that only one device can be connected to the snu:mee at once.  So if you and your husband have the app, only one of you  can use it at a time.  It does have a 300m range and uses a secure WPA2 connection, which are great.

If you are using at a baby monitor, it’s not a continual connection.  You’ll be alerted if the monitor starts to pick up sound and patched through at that time.  If you receive a phone call while connected, you can answer it and will be alerted if your baby wakes up during your call.

snu:mee Sleeve

snu:mee Sleeve

The snu:mee can also be slipped inside a super-cute and cuddly sleeve so your child can listen and snuggle at the same time.  Just be sure to set the volume slider to “Limit” to disable the volume buttons and keep it at 60 decibels.

Although you can’t by a snu:mee in the US yet, if you support their Indiegogo campaign you’ll receive $60 off a snu:mee, to be delivered in April. After the campaign, they will retail for $139 so investing $79 now is a great deal.



  1. Hi Michele,

    thank you for your nice review of our snu:mee. It’s great to hear that you’re playing your husband’s acoustic guitar performances on it 🙂 What a luxury!! I can relate, being the musician in this company 😉
    I have a few small but important corrections, you don’t have to be on snu:mee’s Wifi network to use it, you can connect snu:mee to your home Wi-Fi easily, so that you can still stay on the Internet. You can see how that works here (iOS):
    and here (Android):
    If you’re connected like that you can both use the music part of the app, just not the baby monitor (it’s a secure one-on-one connection).
    Also, as a baby monitor, if you want the continual connection you can certainly do that as well 🙂
    And thank you for the nice words about our music 🙂 Means a lot to me!!!!
    All the best,
    Sven Martin
    Co-Founder of Baby Stars – rock2sleep

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