Easter Basket Gift Ideas and Giveaway!

Who Loves Me? Personalized Book

who-loves-me-bookIf you’re looking for a gift that is more meaningful than a new dress and more lasting than a plastic egg full of jelly beans, we recommend the personalized book, Who Loves Me?, by I See Me! This colorful and thoughtful read includes the name of your child in the title, for example, “Who Loves Emily”.

Upload a picture of your child to be displayed on a dedication page along with their full name, and choose up to 6 names of those who love your child best to be incorporated into the story.  Each of these names is featured on a page spread along with a lyrical rhyme of that emphasizes the depth of their love.  For example – and this is a paraphrase – ” Mama loves you more than the mountains and more than the streams…”.  The sentiments are nature based and accompanied by a collage-style illustration that reminded me of Eric Carl.  Think colorful hand-cut painted papers that are layered to create vibrant images.

This book is sure to become a favorite.  Just try not to tear up each time you read it!  You can also order a sibling version, though I recommend one for each kid to avoid drama.

Micro Raschel Throw

northwest-hello-kittyNo one can resist snuggling up with a cozy blanket, so your kids are sure to love a Micro Raschel Throw by The Northwest Company.  My girls like the Hello Kitty Throw, not only because it is so soft.   There are literally thousands of tapestry throws and blanket throws to choose from, along with wearable blankets for kids and adults, so you’re sure to find just the right one.  (Who doesn’t need a Spider Man wearable blanket?)

From movie favorites, like Star Wars and Frozen, to every sports team imaginable, they have you covered.  The only trouble, aside from deciding which one to get, is viewing all the options at once.  If you’re patient enough to let it load, you’ll get to see all the tapestries, fleece blankets and wearable throws they have to offer.

Munch Mitt

munch-mittIf you’re trying to figure out an appropriate gift for a baby, we suggest a teether.  They might be too young for a chocolate bunny or peeps, but they’ll still get to put something in their mouth!  As colorful as an Easter Egg, the Munch Mitt is a perfect fit for your baby’s Easter Basket.

The Munch Mitt is basically a little glove that fits over your baby’s hand and keeps it dry as she gnaws away.  It has an adjustable wrist strap to keep it snug, and the tip is covered in a colorful nubby silicone that sooths baby’s gums.  The rest of the mitt is made of that crinkly material, just for fun.

The unique feature of the glove is that your baby won’t keep dropping it on the floor.  So it’s perfect for those first teeth, when baby is young enough to not pull it off.  It’s machine washable and comes with a little bag for travel or washing. It comes in three bold colors: purple, green and yellow.

Edgar and The Tree House of Usher

edgar-tree-houseWe’ve enjoyed many BabyLit books by Jennifer Adams, and Edgar and The Tree House of Usher is no exception.

Although the story is inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s short story THE FALL of the HOUSE of USHER, it’s definitely not a re-telling of the tale.  The characters have the same names, and there is a house that falls down, but this story has a happy ending.

Edgar decides to go play with his friend Roderick’s in his tree house, and won’t let his sister come along.  She follows him any way, and despite classic sibling rivalry, they come together to help rebuild the tree house into a nest after the storm blows it down.

It’s illustrated by Ron Stucki, who managed to invoke an impressive amount of motion and emotion into his “gothic” inspired drawings.  We especially liked the way he portrayed the relationship between the siblings.

If you are a Poe fan, but aren’t ready to share his original tales with your young children, Edgar and The Tree House of Usher is a good place to start!

Edgar Giveaway!

We’re excited to be hosting another giveaway!  One lucky reader will receive a copy of Edgar and The Tree House of Usher.  If you’ve always loved Poe, you’ll love this children’s book!

There are SIX ways to win, and the contest will run through Midnight on March 27, 2016.

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  1. Kari Wagoner says

    We always go to my grandmas for dinner and do an egg hunt for all of the kids.

  2. Decorating eggs with my mommy

  3. karen bellomy says

    church easter egg hunt dinner

  4. Kim Davis says

    My favorite Easter tradition is making egg breads with my daughter,

  5. What adorable books. Thanks for the chance.

  6. ps my favorite Easter tradition is making baskets and dying eggs.

  7. Peggy Buchanan says

    I love sharing a family meal.

  8. patricia delgado says

    Dying eggs with the kids and baking goodies we hunt for on Pinterest.

  9. Dominique says

    Easter egg hunts are a definite tradition around here! Love setting up one at home and taking the kids out to the city one too

  10. Meghan Finley says

    We love to have Easter dinner as a family that everyone contributed to.

  11. Heather Miller says

    easter egg hunt and dye eggs

  12. Easter egg hunts!!

  13. Mary Dailey says

    The Greeks have a tradition of taking turns cracking the colored eggs on the most pointed tips with each other to see whose egg lasts the longest! It’s so fun!

  14. Julie Ferguson Gould says

    Painting and coloring the eggs

  15. Marilyn Legault says

    Watching the kids run around finding all the hidden Easter eggs

  16. Michele Avery says

    Being with family, especially the little kids.

  17. Wanda Patterson says

    I love coloring the eggs for the Easter hunt.

  18. Strawberry Fields says

    Hunting eggs with the kids!

  19. My favorite Easter tradition is being in a festivel decorated house full of family that gather around the table and enjoy delicious food and deserts, painting of eggs with the kids, games, and a fun Easter egg hunt to end the day.

  20. kelly light says

    my favorite Easter tradition is a big ham dinner with family

  21. My favorite is coloring Easter eggs with the grandkids

  22. Tamara Collins-Terni says

    every year we have a huge Easter egg hunt I love watching the kids. Makes me feel like a kid again.

  23. Christi E says

    My favorite Easter tradition is taking my daughter to see the Easter bunny to have her picture made.

  24. Missy Rumble says

    We hunt for eggs, go to church and then have dinner at my sister’s house!

  25. Cami Valenzuela says

    When I was younger I used to like all the crates at Sunday school now I like coloring eggs with my boys

  26. Delicious ham dinner with family!! Oh and Easter egg dying, but not so much in the past 3 years ads my youngest is severely allergic to eggs. :/

  27. My favorite tradition is making Easter baskets for my kids & watching them hunt eggs.

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