Spring Baby Gift Roundup and Giveaways!

Spring is in the air, and babies are on their way!  We can’t wait to meet a bunch of littles ones in the next few months, and these are some of the gifts we’re busy wrapping!  If you’re shopping for baby shower gifts, look no further!

Merino Sleep Bag

merino-kidsIt might seem like there are no alternatives out there to synthetic sleepwear, but there is! Merino Kids makes all sorts of natural fiber sleep bags and pajamas that keep your baby warm and safe. We love that they sell a variety of sleep bags in different weights and materials that are perfect for every season and climates.

All the Merino Sleep Bags unzip from the bottom for easy diaper access. They have snaps on one shoulder to make it putting it on hassle-free, while ensuring your toddler won’t “pop” out when they stand up. They also have a reinforced slit in front and back that a seatbelt or stroller strap can slide through, so you can transfer a sleeping child right into their bed. The natural fibers help baby regulate her temperature and make it less likely that the baby will overheat or become damp and chilled than in polyester sleep sacks.

merino-cocooiThe wool Merino Sleep Bags are made with superfine Merino wool that is itch-free and allergy safe. They have an organic cotton outer layer for durability and they come in baby sizes and toddler sizes. For colder climates, they have a Winter Weight Sleep Bag. Their Organic Cotton Sleep Bag  has two layers of cotton instead of one wool and one cotton. Their Cocooi Sleep Bags are for babies up to 3 months, and are made with two layers of merino wool and don’t have shoulder snaps.  As you can see, they have a sleep solution for every situation.

We use both polyester sleep sacks and the Merino Organic Cotton Sleep Bag, depending on what’s clean. Our toddler definitely ends up more sweaty in the polyester, no matter the room temperature. She is more comfortable in her Merino Sleep Bag, and it will last longer since the toddler size is larger than the polyester versions.

Nested Bean Zen Swaddle

nested-bean-swaddle-printIn our experience, newborns need to be swaddled for at least the first few weeks. We found that sleep sacks with a built-in swaddling features were warmer, easier to use and harder for baby to wriggle out of than receiving blankets.

It’s true that receiving blankets are a necessity for the first weeks, since newborns tend to go through several a day, but after a month we switched to swaddle sacks such as the Nested Bean Zen Swaddle.  It has a leg pouch that keeps busy legs from kicking the wrap open, and adjustable velcro on the left and right “wings” that lets you tighten the swaddle to fit your baby’s needs.  As they grow and change, you can swaddle them with their arms in or out, depending on their preference, while still keeping them secure, comfortable and warm.

The main feature that sets the Nested Bean Zen Swaddle apart from similar products is their TouchSense technology.  Lightly weighted pads filled with non-toxic pellets are sewn into the chest and sides of the Swaddle to mimic the gentle pressure of a lightly placed palm.  That means your baby feels the comfort, security and stress reduction of a calming pressure while they sleep, without requiring you to spend 14 hours a night with your hand on them.

Other significant features that make the Nested Bean Zen Swaddle a good choice are: 2 in 1 design that makes them last twice as long as comparable swaddlers (6 months, instead of 3); 100% cotton materials (instead of polyester fleece) that help baby regulate body temperature more effectively; and toxin free materials that exceed US and International safety standards.  Plus, they are machine washable and come with a 60 day guarantee.  We also love the price!  The Nested Bean Zen Swaddle is super affordable, especially since it is suitable up to 6 months.

Rockabye Baby CDs

rockabye-babyLullabies have been elevated to a whole new level, thanks to music labels like Rockabye Baby.  Whether you want to expose your kids to your favorite artists from the very beginning, or you just can’t stand listening to classic lullabies over and over, you’ll want to check out the Rockabye Baby Catalog.

Each compilation features classic songs by iconic bands interpreted by soothing instruments like xylophones, marimbas, wood blocks, and bells. From Aerosmith to the Greatful Dead to The Beatles, Led Zepplin, Bjork, Adele, Coldplay, Jay Z, Madonna, Metalica, Depeche Mode and 60 other bands, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

Just a warning for new parents that might be sleep deprived: beware of listening to these CDs while operating heavy machinery.  You’re kids might not be the only ones falling asleep on a long car ride.

Tum Tum

tum-tumKeeping newborns warm is pretty easy, since they don’t move around a lot. Put them in a one piece pajama and a sleep sack and they are nice and cozy. Once they get old enough to move around, it’s time to get creative. That’s why we were excited to discover Tum Tum, a tummy warmer that is like a tube top for your baby.

During the colder months, the Tum Tum was perfect for adding another layer of warmth to our baby. Thermal Imaging shows that keeping baby’s core warm aids in muscle development by sending more blood to the arms and legs (which also keeps the extremities warm).

As the weather got warmer, Tum Tum was an easy was to keep her core warm while allowing freedom of movement. Plus, it’s much easier to change a diaper when she’s wearing a Tum Tum instead if a onesie.

We also loved the Tum Tum for cold nights when our infant needed more than just pajamas and a sleep sack. Since she couldn’t snuggle under a blanket, we added a Tum Tum underneath the two layers to keep her warm to the core.

We’ve tried a lot of baby products, and Tum Tum is one that we would recommend to friends. Not only does it add a layer of warmth, it doesn’t require extra work when changing a diaper (no snaps involved).  It’s versatile for every season and, although it comes in Small Medium and Large sizes, it fit our baby for many more months than her “sized” clothing.

 Petite Namaste Crib Bedding

petite-namasteIf you’re looking for gorgeous heirloom bedding for your nursery, check out the sets from Petite Namaste. Each piece is hand block printed on 100% cotton fabric. The blocks used in the printing are made of teak and the designs are carved by hand, one block for each color or the design. The hand printing means that each piece is slightly different and as unique as your child.
We especially like the Damask Kantha Blanket because it is sweet but not too girly. This double sided blanket lets you change the look of the decor with a flip of the blanket, and the pink and blue tones are soft and rich at the same time. All of the Kantha Blankets are double sided and feature a hand quilting running stitch that adds style and compliments the hand printing.

Petite Namaste is providing our readers with a promo code for 15% off their collection: GBGPROMO! You’ll love their sweet and unique nursery essentials, as well as changing accessories, contour pillows, burp cloths and bibs!

Sozo Baby Clothes

sozo-peacockSozo makes quality baby clothes that range from fashionable to fun! The 100% cotton dresses and leggings, coveralls, jammies and more are super soft and are, most importantly, machine washable and dryer safe.

sozo-buntingWe were impressed with the detail of the Peacock Dress & Legging set and were delightfully surprised that the appliqué was sparkley, since we couldn’t tell from the website picture or description. The cotton is thick and soft and will hold up through multiple wearings.  Since it is made from quality materials, we’re sure this outfit will transition well from dress and leggings to tunic and capris as she grows.

sozo-doctorThe Swaddle Blanket & Cap Sets make fun and unique baby gifts, and the Cuddle Mats add a splash of color to any nursery.

They also offer adorable bunting sets and themed baby outfits to turn your baby into a policeman, doctor, cowgirl, caterpillar and more.


Mama & Little Teething Jewelry

mama-and-little-alexa-necklacemama-and-little-Deila-necklaceWe’ve reviewed Silicone Teething Jewelry in the past, and these stylish products just get better and better! Mama & Little has a great selection of colors and styles that are the perfect accessories for spring and summer outings with baby.  Their on-trend selections include the Alexa Necklace, pictured at left, and the Deila Necklace, at right, which comes in different colors.  The Linda Bracelet pictured below also come in a variety of colors.

If you’re not familiar with Silicone Teething Jewelry, here’s the genius behind it.  Mom wears a cute necklace or bracelet as an accessory, and when her baby gets fussy, she has a distraction ready for baby to “touch, tug, and teeth on”.  The necklaces are NOT for baby to wear around her neck.  The bracelets can be handed over at restaurants or the park for baby to hold onto with both hands and safely gnaw away.  Always make sure baby is supervised.

The Mama & Little necklaces are made with a durable nylon cord that has a breakaway clasp for safety.  The Silicone beads are 100% food grade, non-toxic, BPA, PVC, phthalate, latex, lead, and cadmium free.  Silicone doesn’t get moldy or harbor bacteria, although we suggest cleaning it often.  In our experience, bracelets get dropped and if you have pets, the silicone attracts hair. All the jewelry is dishwasher safe, or you can boil it for a few minutes, which means you can rest assured it’s sanitized. See the FAQ for complete info.

You can check out their different collections on the Mama & Little website.

Tum Tum, Petite Namaste, Mama & Little and SOZO Giveaways!

Tum Tum

Tum Tum


Petite Namaste


Mama & Little









We’re giving away FIVE products to FIVE lucky readers.  Enter up to ELEVEN times to win! Contest open to US Residents Only, and ends on Saturday, June 4th at Midnight, PDT.

Two readers will win a Tum Tum in the size and color of their choice.

One reader will receive a $50 gift certificate to SOZO, to spend on whatever baby outfits, Cuddle Mats, bunting sets, coveralls, or more, captures your attention.

Another will be given a $25 gift card to Mama & Little to pick out a necklace of their choice.

The reader who wins the Petite Namaste giveaway gets to pick out a blanket of their choice, up to $64.
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  1. I would love to win the Petite Namaste Blanket, because they look like something my niece will keep forever!


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  5. Probably the Anna Necklace in red

  6. Either Starry Night blanket

  7. The tuk tuk collection is adorable! Would love to win a blanket 🙂 the Lexi necklace is super cute too!!

  8. Amanda Brewer says

    I would like to win the mama and little necklace

  9. Amanda Brewer says

    My favorite necklace is the anna

  10. Rebecca B says

    I would love to win the Petite Namiste prize!

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  14. Rebecca B says

    I like the Deila Silicone Teething Necklace in sweet pea & black licorice

  15. Rebecca B says

    Hard to pick between the Gold Starry Night & Pink Elephant Caravan!

  16. Katrina B says

    My favorite necklace is the Anna silicone teething necklace.

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  18. The Silver Starry Night Dohar Blanket is beautiful! I like that gender neutral too.

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