Father’s Day Gift Guide and Giveaways!

 Stojo Collapsible Reusable Silicone Coffee Cup and Travel Mug

Stojo Cup

Stojo Collapsible Silicone Travel Mug

Travel mugs have a reputation for taking up too much space in your commuter bag and being easy to forget at home. Besides the bulk, there are various drawbacks to traditional travel mugs. Either they are stainless steel, which may be great for insulation but forget about reheating in the microwave! Even BPA-free plastic travel mugs are bulky and can only be microwaved and dish washed (top rack only) so many times before they begin to crack. Ceramic travels mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe, but breakable and better left at home or the office instead or tossing in your backpack.

For fathers that take their coffee or tea to go, whether from home or a coffee shop, Stojo is the perfect gift! The lidded mug is dishwasher and microwave safe, since it is made from food grade silicone that is BPA and Phthalates free. It is as leak proof as any other other travel mug thanks to the screw-on Polypropylene lid with a silicone stopper, but it can’t be filled up and tossed in a backpack because of silicone is not rigid.

Although the cup itself isn’t insulted, the Polypropylene sleeve protects hands from hot and cold beverages, much like the throw-away sleeves from the coffee shop. We found that the sleeve makes it easy to grab out of our car’s drink holder, too.  The Stojo travel cup keeps drinks as hot as long as throw-away cups, but are microwave safe if Dad likes his coffee piping hot.

What sets Stojo apart from every other travel cup isn’t just the silicone material or leak proof lid; it’s that it is collapsible! Once he’s done with his beverage, the 12 oz. Stojo collapses down to a height of 1.75 inches. That means he can toss it into his bag – or pocket – without taking up valuable real estate. Eco-friendly bonus: all the materials in the Stojo Cup are recyclable!

If 12 oz. isn’t enough drink for your man, pre-order him a Stojo Biggie.  It combines the features of the original but in a 16 oz. size. Plus it comes with a silicone straw that stores in the cup bottom. Just in time for summer!

Aurorae Towel and Foot Deodorizer

Aurorae Microfiber Towel

Aurorae Microfiber Towel

We’ve been using microfiber cloths around the house for years, but it never occurred to us that a microfiber bath or beach towel would be equally amazing. The Aurorae Microfiber Beach and Swim Towel whisks away moisture so quickly you’re dry in seconds. Dad’s will love it because it’s a time saver at home or the gym.

Speaking of the gym, the Aurorae Microfiber Beach and Swim Towel is lighter and rolls up smaller than any other beach towel we’ve used, despite its large size (32″x68″). That means it will provide full coverage in the locker room without bulking up his gym bag.  Speaking of full coverage, it’s the first towel we’ve tried that actually stays put when you wrap it around and tuck in the ends.  We think it’s the microfiber at work.
Aurorae Deodorizing Shoe and Foot Spray

Although they might not admit it, most men’s feet don’t smell like roses (ok, women’s too). Toss a bottle of Aurorae Spa Foot & Shoe Deodorizer in with the towel, and they won’t even notice that you’re giving them a hint. Since it contains a mix of essential oils in deionized water, it’s effective against odors without including chemicals or alcohol.

What we like best about the Aurorae Spa Foot & Shoe Deodorizer is that the essential oils it contains don’t just cover up the smell. The Peppermint Oil is antimicrobial and soothing; the Tea Tree Oil is antibacterial and anti-fungal; the Eucalyptus Oil contains chemicals to deter bacteria and fungi; and Thyme Oil is antiseptic and bactericidal.

We also love that the Aurorae Spa Foot & Shoe Deodorizer can be sprayed in shoes or directly on feet.  We use it for both!

Aurorae offers more than just towels and Deodorizers.  Check out their website for their whole line of Yoga and fitness products.

Ice Chips

Ice Chips Variety Pack

Ice Chips Variety Pack

Some dads are gum chewers, and some prefer mints or hard candy.  If he’s of the latter, he’ll enjoy a variety pack of Ice Chips.  The tin looks like your standard mint tin, but what’s inside will surprise him.

Ice Chips are different sized chunks of Xylitol sweetened “hard candy”.  While he can suck on the pieces like other hard candies, he can also crunch them up without hurting his teeth.  We really like the texture and how it doesn’t get sharp as you suck on it like most hard candies. We also love that they are sweet, but not too sweet. And when you pop and Ice Chip in your mouth, it feels cool on your tongue (which is probably how they came up with the name!).

Whether the dad in your life is a dental hygiene fanatic or needs some encouragement in that area, Ice Chips are the perfect candy.  Xylitol is a sweetener derived from birch trees and botanicals and doesn’t promote tooth decay.  In fact, it inhibits the growth of dental plaque and reduces tooth decay.  Xylitol’s Glycemic Index is 8, which is very low, and a perfect choice for diabetics.  The best part is that it doesn’t taste like an “artificial sweetener” because it’s not!

Ice Chips come in a variety of flavors so you’re sure to find the right one for him.  Let him decide on his favorite with a variety pack that includes Berry, Cinnamon, Peppermint, Root Beer Float, Licorice and Lemon.  If he’s all about the mint, get him a 3-pack of Spearmint, Wintergreen and Peppermint. While you’re at it, send Grandpa a Therapeutic 3-pack, with Clove, Finger and Menthol Eucalyptus.


Tenba 13 DSLR

Tenba Cooper 13 DSLR

For dads into photography or videography that have been really good this year, get him a top-quality bag from Tenba. They offer carrying solutions for every camera junkie, from backpacks, to rolling cases, to shipping cases, to messenger bags, and more.

To try one out, we had a GBG dad trade in his old camera bag for the Cooper 13 DSLR . It comfortably fits his DSLR with 3 different sized lenses, plus a flash and all the cables.  The Cooper 13 DSLR has a padded laptop compartment, but the device must be under 13 inches. A 15 inch version is also available.

Like all the Tenba camera bags, its rugged features set it apart from cheaper alternatives. All of their bags boast exterior weatherproof features, removable padded dividers to fit whatever lenses and flashes they need at the time, interior and exterior pockets for camera cables and accessories, YKK zippers and more, depending on the model.  Most camera bags have plenty of pockets and compartments, but do they have space for a water bottle, side loops for accessories, or strap slides so you can slip it over your rolling luggage?

If you’re not sure what model would suit him best (and you don’t want to ruin the surprise), they are more than happy to make recommendations based on his equipment and needs.  Just send them an email.  As we mentioned, they have a whole line just for video cameras: rolling cases, backpacks, shoulder bags and more.

No matter what their photography or videography passion, you can find the perfect bag at Tenba!

Coral Alkalizing Water Sachets

coral-alkalizing-water-treatmentIf the dad in your life travels for work or is into physical fitness, Coral Alkalizing Water Sachets is a unique gift that shows how much your support his hard work. Each little teabag like sachet re-mineralizes a liter of bottled water and turns it into the ultimate hydrating, energizing drink and mineral supplement.

Those brightly colored “Thirst Quenchers” we’re all familiar with contain the electrolytes Sodium and Potassium and whole lot of sugar and dyes. These sports drinks might hydrate, but they also spike glucose levels for a burst of energy that ends in a lethargy-inducing sugar crash.

Each Coral Alkalizing Water Sachet contains the electrolytes Soduim, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, and Phosphorus as well as 70 other minerals and Vitamin C. It also raises the pH of the water, if an alkaline diet is on his menu. If you’re wondering, the sachet doesn’t change the taste of the water at all.

The coral powder used in the sachets comes from above-sea deposits that are ground and purified. These fossilized coral heads are eco-friendly because the aren’t harvested from living coral reefs. They also don’t contain the heavy metals and chemicals found in below-sea coral.

Twist and Seal Electrical Cord Protectors

Twist and Seal Cord Protect

Twist and Seal Cord Protect

Working in the yard is the ideal weekend activity for many fathers.  It doesn’t involve driving anywhere, they get their hands dirty and work up a sweat, and at the end of the day get to sit back and enjoy the results of their hard work over a cold drink.  If this sounds like the Dad you’re shopping for, read on (and enter the giveaway).

Twist and Seal Mini

Twist and Seal Mini

Forget trying to find the perfect “tool of the trade”, since that’s half the fun for him.  Sure, you can compliment him on the results while handing him that icy refreshment he’s been anticipating (like you did last year), or you can surprise him by paring that cold one with an accessory that is both practical and useful!


Twist and Seal Maxx

Whether he’s just installed a string of bistro lights or has been tackling that overgrown juniper bush in the back corner for weeks, chances are he is using an extension cord. The connection between the extension cord and the power tool or string of lights presents electrical hazards such as shocks or shorts.

Twist and Seal Cord Dome

Twist and Seal Cord Dome

A Twist and Seal Cord Connector is just what he needs to make sure his equipment is safe from the elements and the tools don’t loose power.  (And makes sure you don’t have to worry about him getting an electrical shock.)  For outdoor lighting, they make sure the lights stay on no matter the weather.

Twist and Seal products are insulated, water-tight, UV resistant, commercial-grade plastic boxes that encapsulate cord connections and protect them from sprinklers, rain, mud, snow, and anything else that might be hazardous to electrical connections.  They come in various sizes, depending on the need:  The Mini for connections between two-prong plugs (perfect for summer mood lighting and winter holiday lights); the Cord Protect for three-prong plugs; the Maxx for commercial grade electrical cords; and the Cord Dome that accommodates power strips and Y connectors, multiple cords and has ground spikes to keep it in place.

We’ve tried other cord connector protectors, and Twist and Seal products provide the most water-tight seal.  In particular, the Cord Protect for three-prong plugs has several layers of water barriers at each end and is so securely fastened, it definitely took Dad strength to open it.

Aurorae and Twist and Seal Giveaways!

It’s a good week to be a dad, because we are giving away TWELVE Father’s Day gifts!  You can enter up to TEN times to win one of 12 sets of prizes. The giveaway will run through Saturday, June 18th at Midnight, PDT.  Open to US residents only.

Aurorae Towel and Deodorizer

Aurorae Microfiber Towelaurorae-deodorizing-shoe-foot-spray-2ONE lucky reader will receive an Aurorae Microfiber Beach and Swim Towel in the color of their choice AND a bottle of their Spa Foot & Shoe Deodorizer!

We won’t judge if you decide to keep these great products to yourself, especially once you’ve tried the Microfiber Towel.  We’re hooked!


Twist and Seal Cord Connection Protectors

Dad’s will love the practicality, safety, and year-round usability of the Twist and Seal Electrical Cord Protectors.  That’s why we’re excited to be giving away 11 sets of these UV resistant, commercial grade plastic, weather-proof electrical cord connection protectors.

10 Winners – 6-pack of Twist and Seal Mini’s

Twist and Seal Mini

Twist and Seal Mini 6-pack for 10 Readers

We’re giving away a  6-pack of Twist and Seal Mini’s, worth $35, to TEN readers. These are the perfect size for protecting the connection between two-prong electrical cords.

In a matter of minutes, those bistro or white string lights he painstakingly hung around the backyard that turn an ordinary evening into a summer wonderland will be secure from rain, sprinklers and other elements that threaten his hard work.  And once summer is over, they’ll protect holiday lights that took hours to hang from snow, sleet and rain.

1 Winner – Twist and Seal Grand Prize

Twist and Seal Cord Dome

Twist and Seal Cord Dome


Twist and Seal Mini

Twist and Seal Cord Protect

Twist and Seal Cord Protect

The luckiest of house-proud dads will win the Grand Prize Mega Pack from Twist and Seal.

In addition to the 6-pack of Mini’s, he’ll also receive 1 Cord Dome and 1 Cord Protect (not yet available to consumers), a set worth $75.

No matter what the season or application, those electrical connections will be snug as a bug.
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