Little Balance Box Update and Giveaway!

Little Balance Box

Little Balance Box

We first heard about the Little Balance Box a year ago when they started their Kickstarter campaign.  After trying both push walkers and seated walkers with our girls, with frustrating results, we were excited to learn that there was a different option on the market. Finally, there’s a single product that lets babies practice all the skills that lead to walking! The Little Balance Box is the one item we suggest to all the new parents we meet.

The inventor of the Little Balance Box, Dr. Shannon Davis PT, DPT, is a mother of two with Doctorate and Masters degrees in Physical Therapy and over a decade of working with developmentally disabled children.  The design of the Little Balance Box was born out of her unique experience as a mother and a Doctor of Physical Therapy, and the success of her Kickstarter campaign made it a reality.

Our review of the Little Balance Box from last November compares seated walkers, push walkers, and the Little Balance Box.  We encourage you to read our full review, but basically, seated walkers inhibit mobility and don’t let baby practice standing up and sitting down and push walkers are hard to maneuver and tip over easily.

little-balance-box-2We believe the Little Balance Box is the most versatile walker available. It lets your baby practice standing up and sitting down without tipping over, and the nylon “floating feet” glide over every surface and turn in every direction with little guidance.  These features give your baby the freedom and confidence to move where they want, on their own terms.  Plus, they aren’t stuck in a seated walker, and don’t become frustrated with the difficult maneuverability of the push walker.

Now that our toddler is walking and running, she doesn’t need the Little Balance Box for standing up or steadying herself while walking.  Instead, she and her older sister use it as an activity table.  It’s one of the only baby products that we’ve kept around since they still use it every day for wherever their imagination takes them.

There are so many things to love about the affordable Little Balance Box, from its eco-friendly bamboo frame, to its PBA and PVC free table top, to its use beyond toddler-hood.

Little Balance Box Giveaway!

little-balance-boxWe’ve supported the Little Balance Box since its Kickstarter campaign, and it quickly became one of our favorite toddler products. That’s why we are especially excited to be giving away one Little Balance Box to the winner of our giveaway!

You can enter up to SEVEN times, and is open to US Residents only.  The giveaway ends on Wednesday, June 22th at Midnight, PDT.
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  1. I love that it has the floating feet! It’s so cool, how it gives it that up and down movement, to help baby.

  2. Mami2jcn says

    I love that it allows baby to practice standing up and sitting down. My 9 month old could use this!

  3. Elicia P says

    I love that it can be used through the years and not just a “use for a couple months product”.

  4. I love that it works on different surfaces!

  5. Bianca Norman says

    I love that its Safe and Enviromentally Friendly – BPA and PVC Free! Made from sustainable bamboo. How nice! Thank you!

  6. I like the “floating feet” feature and that is can be used for many years.

  7. no sharp edges!!

  8. I love the non-damaging gliding feet! Perfect for wood surfaces!

  9. Amanda Brewer says

    I love the multiple uses! The gliding feet are great too!

  10. I like how easy it is for baby to pull herself to standing

  11. I love how he can put his toys, water or snacks on the table and push them along

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