And The Father’s Day Winners Are…

Congratulations to our many winners! Read on to see who won what, and if you missed the giveaway please visit our Father’s Day Gift Guide for our full reviews of these and other Dad-friendly products.  Thanks so much to our sponsors, Aurorae Yoga and Twist and Seal!

Aurorae Towel and Deodorizer

Aurorae Microfiber Towelaurorae-deodorizing-shoe-foot-spray-2Kelley won the Aurorae Microfiber Beach and Swim Towel in the color of her choice AND a bottle of their Spa Foot & Shoe Deodorizer!

As we mentioned, the compact size, light weight and incredibly fast absorbency of the Towel make it ideal for swimming.  And the Deodorizer uses essential oils to combat odors in shoes or can be sprayed directly on your feet.


Twist and Seal Cord Connection Protectors

Twist and Seal Cord Dome

Twist and Seal Cord Dome


Twist and Seal Mini

Twist and Seal Cord Protect

Twist and Seal Cord Protect

Ashley, John, Manda, ET, Karrie, Elicia, Mitchell, Rachel, Angela, and Donna each won a 6-pack of Twist and Seal Mini’s! These two-prong cord protectors are perfect for outdoor lights, protecting appliances and chargers pool side, and can even be used inside for baby proofing.

The Grand Prize Mega Pack Winner is James!

In addition to the 6-pack of Mini’s, he’ll also receive 1 Cord Dome that seals in power strips and Y connectors, and 1 Cord Protect for three-prong connections.

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