Summer Must Haves for the Family and Giveaways!

Sunforgettable Brush

sunforgettable-brushIf you’re going to spend the day at the beach or a whole day in the sun, it makes sense to lather up the family with sun screen.  If you’re just going for a walk or hitting the park for half an hour, it’s tempting to just skip the sunscreen and save the time and effort.  Especially if you use “natural” sunscreens that are greasy or are a pain to rub in.

That’s why we love the Sunforgettable Brush!  We keep it in our purse all summer for quick applications or when we forget to put on sunscreen before heading out. It’s a brush-on powder sunscreen made with minerals and free of dyes, chemicals, colorants, and perfumes.  This means it can be used on adults, kids, and even family members with rosacea or eczema

The Sunforgettable Brush comes in three colors: fair, medium and tan. Each powder is SPF 30. You can also pick up their Sunforgettable Very Water Resistant Powder in SPF 50 for extra protection.


Nixall First Aid Solution

nixall_first_aid_solutionAre you expecting your kids to get cuts and scratches, bug bites, sun burns, blisters, scrapes, poison oak or ivy this summer?  If so, you should probably pack a bottle of Nixall First Aid Solution.  This all-purpose first aid spray flushes wounds, kills microorganisms, and promotes healing.  Best of all, it doesn’t sting and can even be used on mouth sores.  That means if you’re baby gets a cut on her hand, you don’t have to worry about what’s going in her mouth ten seconds later.

Nixall uses Anolyte Water as a base for its First Aid Solution.  Anolyte Water is made by running an electrical charge through a salt water to create a hypochlorous acid solution.  Hypochlorous acid is produced by the body naturally and has been used since WWI to prevent sepsis and help the body heal wounds faster, and pathogenic microorganisms do not develop a resistance to it.

According to Nixall’s website, “Hypochlorous acid, in the body works to break down the cells that are creating the infection by destroying the cell membrane and its DNA, thus halting the replication or growth process. When utilized as an application outside the human body, hypochlorous acid works in much the same way, destroying the cell membranes of harmful bacteria and germs that reside on our skin, or in our environment.”

Now is a great time to try it out, since Nixall is offering 25% off their products with the promo code NIX25, and shipping is always free.

If you have pets, be sure to pick up some Nixall VetResponse Wound Plus Skin Solution too.

COOLTECH Car Seat Cooler

cool-tech-car-seat-coolerCars heat up fast in the summer, and I always feel so bad for my babies when I load them into rear-facing car seats that have been baking in a hot car, especially since the AC vents don’t aim in their direction.  I had been bringing along sacks full of frozen dry beans and placing them in their seats when we arrive at our destination just to keep them a little cooler.

Then I discovered the COOLTECH Car Seat Cooler.  Unlike my sack of beans, this car seat cooler unfolds to cover the whole seat and not just a small part of it.  It works just like those insulated lunch bags we all have: you keep it in the freezer and pull it out when it’s time to run errands or leave for an outing. If you’re going to be gone awhile, keep it folded until you return to the car (so it doesn’t thaw too much).  It takes about 10 minutes for it to fully cool down a hot seat.

When not in use, it folds up and stays that way with a velcro flap.  It has a handle for carrying, so your hands don’t freeze when you move it around.  This, plus the solid construction, make it a well-designed product you can use for years. Check out their website for more details.

Stephen Joseph Hooded Towel

stephen-joseph-mermaidWhat girl doesn’t dream of being a Mermaid?  Stephen Joseph makes the perfect hooded towel for turning your sassy swimmer into a Mermaid.  Or perhaps a Pirate is more your child’s speed.  Whether they dream of swimming the waters as a Shark, Clownfish, Jellyfish or six other colorful options, you’ll find the hooded towel just for them. You can even have it personalized!

We think hooded towels are a must for kids, because they keep their head warm and make it so the towel doesn’t slide off their shoulders onto the ground. The added bonus with the Stephen Joseph towels is that they are as much for play as function.  Plus these 100% cotton towels dry quickly, are compact, and machine washable.  Our kids love the little hand pockets that make it easy to keep it wrapped around them while keeping hands warm too.

Don’t forget to check out all the other Stephen Joseph beach and sun must haves while you’re at it!

Salonpas Pain Relieving Patches

salonpas-gel-patch-hotWe plan to spend a lot more time chasing after our kids and going for walks and hikes than we have since last summer, so we’re going to make sure we’re stocked up on Salonpas Pain Relieving Patches.

Before kids, we were able to rest with an ice pack or heating pad to relieve strains or pulled muscles. Not that sitting around isn’t an option, we reach for the Salonpas pain relieving GEL-PATCH HOT. It’s a 3×5 inch adhesive patch that is infused with Menthol to cool and soothe the affected area and Capsaicin for long lasting heat that stimulates blood flow, relaxes spasms and soothes sore muscles. We’ve found it effective on separated ribs, too.

When you (or a friend) place the patch over the affected area, you first feel a cooling sensation that provides immediate relief. Next, the heat kicks in and reduces muscle aches helps eliminate toxins and lactic acid.

Salonpas says the patch works for eight hours, but I found the Capsaicin lasted at least a full day. The patch stayed in place so well, I was able to shower with it and it didn’t come off (I didn’t soap it up). Best of all, it targets the pain at the source without the use of pharmaceuticals.

Surya Brasil Body Moisturizer

surya-brasil-sapien-womenSurya Brasil has a great vegan body moisturizer, Sapien Women, that contains Amazonian ingredients like Cupuaçu and Murumuru butters, Pracaxi and Açai oils, Amaranth protein, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. That means it’s packed with antioxidants and soothing after-sun ingredients. It does not contain BHT, EDTA, Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates or synthetic fragrances. Not to mention, it is cruelty free.

We like Sapien Women Body Moisturizer’s light and creamy texture that softens the skin without leaving a greasy residue. The moisturizer mango and coconut scent will make you feel like you are lounging on a tropical beach, even if you spent the day poolside at the local swim center.


Stephen Joseph, Nixall and Salonpas Giveaways

Summer is officially here, so make sure to enter our giveaway for these summer essentials!  We’ll be picking FIVE winners for the following prize packages.  You can enter up to 11 times.  The contest will run until Wednesday, June 29th, 2016 at Midnight and is open to US Residents only.

Stephen Joseph Summer Fun Pack

stephen-joseph-octopus-towelstephen-joseph-beach-totestephen-joseph-flip-flopsYou’re kid will be all set for the beach with a hooded towel, matching flip flops and beach tote with sand toys from Stephen Joseph. The best part is that you get to pick the design!

There will be one lucky winner for these perfect kiddie beach accessories.

Nixall Outdoors First Aid Pack

Nixall-First_Aid_packThree readers will receive a Nixall Outdoors First Aid Pack, which contains a 8 ounce sprayer and a 2 ounce sprayer of their Nixall First Aid Solution.

Not only is it easy to spray on, it doesn’t sting!  And because it helps oxygenate the skin, owies heal faster.

You can use it on all the summer time wounds and skin irritations, including cuts, scratches, scrapes, bug bites, insect stings, sunburns, poison oak and ivy, blisters and even rashes.

Salonpas Mega Pack

Salonpas-packOne reader will $100 worth of Salonpas products.  This Mega Pack will help you recover from any injuries you might get this summer, and without the use of oral pain killers.

The winner will receive one box of each of the following: the Pain Relieving GEL-PATCH HOT; the Pain Relief Patch; and the new Pain Relieving Patch.  They will also receive the Deep Relieving Gel and the Jet Spray.
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  1. Amanda Brewer says

    Id love to win the stephen joseph pack for my 3 year old daughter!

  2. I love the crab hooded towel! my son would look so cute in it

  3. I would love to win any of them!

  4. We could use the Nixall right now for the sunburns we got today!

  5. The octopus towel, or the butterfly

  6. Nicole Acuna says

    The Stephen Joseph summer pack would be so amazing to own! My little girl would adore it 🙂

  7. gloria patterson says

    I respect all the companies but I am a major senior SALONPAS USER and could really use some help with the budget…………. thanks for chance to win these products

  8. gloria patterson says

    NO kids but if I was getting a gift for my great niece it would be the Mermaid towel

  9. My husband could really use the Salonpas. He’s always throwing his back out.

  10. My daughter would like the Seahorse towel.

  11. I would love the Stephen Joseph hooded towel! It’s so cute : ) My daughter would love it, too.

  12. I would choose either the Nixall or Salonpas packages. Thanks!

  13. I like the Stephen Joseph Prize pack.

  14. I think the Cooltech car seat cooler is a great idea. We could use that this summer!

  15. I’m looking forward to the Salonpas prize- we use that brand every week!

  16. I would love to try the Nixall Outdoors First Aid Pack. Thanks for the chance!

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