And The Little Balance Box Winner Is…

little-balance-boxCongratulations Alyce!  You and your baby will love the Little Balance Box. Our youngest used it to learn to stand up and walk six months ago.  Now that she’s running and jumping, she and her older sister use it all the time for pushing toys around the house, stacking blocks, and sharing snacks.

If you didn’t catch our Little Balance Box update review, we encourage you to read it as well as our original review from last fall.  The Little Balance Box is so much better than push walkers or seated walkers, you’ll be glad you didn’t spend money on the “usual” products.


  1. Alyce Miller says

    I was so excited to win the balance box. I have literally never won anything;-). My 14-month old spends hours scooting around with the balance box. We love watching him explore from a more upright position. He’s having so much fun that our almost 3 year old keeps trying to take it!

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