Product Review: Peppy Pals App and Free Download


Reggy’s Play Date

In May I was given the chance to try out a new app for kids by the Peppy Pals company. The ‘Reggy’s Playdate’ app was described to me as an opportunity for kids aged 2-8 to “learn about emotions”. Since both of my lovely daughters fall into this age range, and could probably benefit from a little education in this department, I went ahead and downloaded the app and let them try it on my iPhone.

Reggy’s Playdate has turned out to be one the best apps we’ve tried! Besides the fact that I’m now letting them play with my phone, my kids love tending to Reggy and making sure he’s happy, fed, well-rested, and not bored. Reggy lets you know what he needs by using his facial expressions and his doggie vocalization powers.

The first time Reggy cried, all of us were perplexed. My oldest tried offering him toys, treats, water, but he didn’t want any of it. Then I asked her what else she could think of that a dog would need to be happy and she said “love?”. How fun to discover that this was exactly what Reggy wanted! After a few pets he was as good as new.

Peppy Pals Beach

Peppy Pals Beach

I normally make it a rule never to pay for apps, but in this case I would make an exception. Reggy’s Playdate and the accompanying Peppy Pals Apps such as Peppy Beach and Peppy Farm are not only fun, but can help little ones with complex emotional concepts such as jealousy, empathy, and true friendship. Unlike other “educational” apps, learning about recognition and proper response to the feelings of others is something I consider a true life-skill. Hard to put a price on that!

All of the Peppy Pals Apps are available on iPhone, Amazon and Google Play.

Free Peppy Pals App

Looking for an app to entertain your kids this summer, you can download Peppy Pals Beach for free through the end of July, 2016!

Similar to Reggy’s Playdate, the Peppy Pals characters enjoy a day at the beach while navigating accidents and misunderstanding.  Your child will learn about friendship and emotions through humor, empathy and collaboration.


To download Peppy Pals Beach on iTunes, click here.  This will take you to the free download link in the Apple Store.


To download Peppy Pals on Android, you must first install the Amazon Appstore and create a free account (for detailed instructions, click here). Once you’ve created the account, go the Appstore and search “Peppy Pals Beach”.


To download Peppy Pals Beach on an Amazon device, go the Appstore and search “Peppy Pals Beach”.  Or click on this link in your web browser and download the app to your Kindle.


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