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Fun With St. Patrick's Day

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Endless Summer Package Review and Giveaway!

Chicago in February might be the last thing that would make a person think of summer, but a little bit of warm weather fun came to our northern Illinois home recently in the form of “The Endless Summer Package” by Idea Village. The package consists of three fun products that definitely bring summer to mind: Hover Ball, Snackeez and Squishy Sand.

Endless Summer Package

Hover Ball

Hover Ball

Hover Ball is by far my favorite of the Endless Summer Package items. It is basically one half of a soccer ball with a smooth, flat bottom. It glides effortlessly across carpeted floors (can be used on hard floors, though doesn’t work quite as well). I have two ball-loving kids and we’ve had a lot of fun playing with this hover ball in our basement.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

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