Greener Gifts


Ever since I was brainwashed by Woodsy Owl and the “Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute” campaign of the ‘70s, I’ve always been a bit of an environmentalist.  Most of the time my green values have dovetailed rather nicely with my tightwad spirit. But for some reason gift shopping has remained beyond my environmental considerations.


Although I get a weird adrenaline rush mining for thrift store treasures, we don’t always have the time to shop secondhand. Plus, I sometimes worry that the gift recipient won’t share my zeal for used goods. In the past, I’ve waited for sales, bought off-season, and just generally bided my time until the right deal came up.


Preg-Tastic Radio Interview on The Eco-nomical Baby Guide

It was a thrill and an honor to get to share our eco-friendly, budget-friendly message with listeners of Preg-tastic, an online radio show that’s packed with pregnancy resources for expectant parents.  You can listen to it as well!

Also, we wanted to be sure to remind all our readers that the Sealy Naturalis Crib Mattress with organic cotton giveaway will be going through December 6th.  Make sure to check out our post for all the multiple ways you can enter!