Spring Baby Gift Roundup and Giveaways!

Spring is in the air, and babies are on their way!  We can’t wait to meet a bunch of littles ones in the next few months, and these are some of the gifts we’re busy wrapping!  If you’re shopping for baby shower gifts, look no further!

Merino Sleep Bag

merino-kidsIt might seem like there are no alternatives out there to synthetic sleepwear, but there is! Merino Kids makes all sorts of natural fiber sleep bags and pajamas that keep your baby warm and safe. We love that they sell a variety of sleep bags in different weights and materials that are perfect for every season and climates.

Earth Day Roundup

Eco-Friendly Products

Earth Day is right around the corner, and here are some great green products we have been enjoying lately. We encourage you to check them out for yourself, and leave us a comment about what Eco-friendly items you are into these days!

Boob Nursing Wear

Nurse in Comfort

Nurse in Comfort

We have always been big supporters of breastfeeding, for so many reasons, and every breastfeeding Mama knows that the right support makes all the difference.  Whether it be your family, workplace,  local lactation consultant, or the new Mamava Lactation Station at the airport, every little bit of encouragement counts.

A little physical support doesn’t hurt either, especially when it comes to nursing bras.  Boob Fast Food T Shirt Bras are comfortable enough to sleep in.  And like all the Boob maternity and nursing apparel, they are made with sustainable materials like organic cotton, fleece made from recycled bottles.  And they only work with factories that adhere to their strict code of conduct to ensure their workers receive a decent pay.

Fun With Holidays


Benefits of Eating the Placenta

Placenta in a Jar

Placenta in a Jar

Before Franci was born, I had heard enough anecdotal evidence in favor of eating the placenta (in capsule form, over the course of several weeks) that I decided to give it a try. My midwife is experienced in the preparation and encapsulation and believes in its benefits, so there was no reason not to try it out.

It turns out there is no scientific evidence to support placentophagy, which is the technical term for placental consumption. There is also no evidence to debunk the benefits either. At this point, no one has bothered to look into it at all beyond a small team from the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. And all they’ve done so far was interview 189 women who “use the Internet and consumed their placenta”.

TBT: Breastfeeding on GBG

Bonding Time!

Bonding Time!

Since I’ll be breastfeeding once again in about 10 weeks, I’ve been perusing the archives for all the old breastfeeding posts. For Throwback Thursday, I thought I’d share some of the best ones!

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When to Wean

Too busy to nurse

Too busy to nurse

When we began our breastfeeding journey, I remember hearing the advice, “even one day is better than nothing. And one week is better than one day, one month is better than one week. Any amount of time breastfeeding is a good choice.” It was comforting to know that no matter how long we breastfed, it was a good choice.

Even though I still believe in this advice, it’s hard to make the decision to wean. If one month is better than one week, isn’t 16 months better than 15? I’m finding it very difficult to decide to end something that is so good for my child.

Airport Security with a Baby

Lanisoh Wipes

It’s a real thinker

Frances and I are hitting the skies again, for a much longer flight this time.  On our last trip, our time with the Transportation Security Officers was extended because they just couldn’t identify the Lansinoh Wipes through the X-ray machine. After running our diaper bag three times, they did a hand search and then re-ran both the bag and the wipes.

This time I’m planning to bring some breast milk along because I’m not sure I’ll be able to pump enough before we leave Franci with her cousins for the evening.  It might not be necessary, but I want to be sure I have enough for her.   Considering my past luck with TSA, I’m a little worried this won’t go smoothly.

Does Extended Breastfeeding Cause Tooth Decay?

My daughter has had four cavities in her four short years of life. How is this possible? I can’t say we’re religious flossers, but the rest of our dental routine is pretty admirable. Regular brushing? Yep. Fluoride tablets? Absolutely. Hard candies? Not allowed.

According to our dentist, my daughter’s tooth decay could have been caused by extended breastfeeding. She pointed out that once solids are introduced, bacteria in the mouth can change and breast milk can actually cause cavities.
extended breastfeeding and cavities
After doing a bit of my own research though, I have to disagree. Repeated studies have shown that breast milk has proteins and antibacterial qualities that prevent tooth decay. My older son was also breastfed until well over two years old and has never had a cavity to this day.

Peanut Butter Chia Balls

This was one of my favorite recipes when I was pregnant, and I’m making it again now that breastfeeding is making me even more hungry. The bite-sized morsels are perfect for tiding me over between meals, and fill me up enough that I snack less. Plus, there’s just enough sugar to satiate my sweet-tooth. You can adjust the amount of sugar based on your taste, so it’s a good recipe for anyone avoiding the sweet stuff.

My nieces loved this energy-packed snack as well, so it’s kid approved!

Mine look darker than this because I added cocoa and my flax seed wasn’t golden


Breastfeeding Support


Picture by Mahalie Stackpole

As I’m sure you already know, breastfeeding is not only good for your baby, it’s also economical and environmentally friendly. It’s also easier said than done. While some babies latch right away, it can take a lot of time and effort for others to become comfortable breastfeeding. An improper latch can be frustrating for the baby and painful for mom and hard to correct if you don’t have any guidance!

Fortunately, there are many resources out there for moms who wish to breastfeed. Books such as The Nursing Mother’s Companion, 6th Edition: 25th Anniversary Edition are useful, but it’s even better if you can join a breastfeeding support group.