And The Glob Colors Face Paint Winner Is…

Congratulations to Candace!  You have won a set of Glob Colors Face Paint!

Non-Nano Face Paint

Non-Nano Face Paint

Thank you to everyone that entered the giveaway.  Stay tuned for more opportunities in the next few weeks!

GLOB uses all natural pigments from a variety of different fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs such as beets, purple carrots, turmeric, cabbage, and chlorophyll. The cruelty-free, natural face paint does not contain titanium dioxide, synthetic dyes, petro-chemicals, or phthalates and is paraben and talc-free.

You can find other Glob Paints that aren’t just for faces, and more information on their website.

If you didn’t win and would still like your own set of Glob Colors Face Paint, click on the affiliate link and support The Green Baby Guide while you are at it!

Product Review and Giveaway: Glob Colors Face Paint

Non-Nano Face Paint

Non-Nano Face Paint

Glob Natural Non-Nano Face Paint

My kids were thrilled when the box containing face paint from Glob Colors arrived in the mail. They knew it meant I would be forced to paint their faces, which they had been inexplicably begging me to do for some time. I was pleased to discover that Glob Colors seemed to be truly “all natural”. Their website lists such delightful ingredients as purple carrots, red cabbage, chlorophyll and gardenia fruit among others. This plus the fact that they are free of many of the toxic chemicals found in conventional face paints such as titanium dioxide and are cruelty free sealed the deal for me. I was excited to paint some squirmy, sticky faces.

DIY: LED Button Box

Enjoying the LED Button Box

I’m not the only member of our household that enjoys DIY projects, althought I tend to stick to the fabric-and-yarn varieties.

While most of us lounged around on Thanksgiving while the turkey cooked, Franci’s dad was busy making her an LED Button Box. All it took was an interest in electronics, a few basic components and very basic soldering skills.

With the press of a colored button, the corresponding LED lights up and you can press more than one at a time. Not only can your toddler work on identifying colors, you can practice numbers with it as well (“press two buttons”). When she is a little older, we’ll try out sequences and see if she can repeat them.

Fun With Crafts


Fun With Pumpkin Carving


Homemade Presents for the Holiday


Owl Pillow

I started a tradition a few years ago to make gifts for my nieces each Christmas. I love to craft and sew and, since I can never get organized enough to make them birthday gifts as well, it’s my mission to send them Christmas gifts that I’ve made myself.

This year, the project was Fleece Owl Pillows. My mom and I found a pattern at Jo-Ann Fabrics months ago, and when I told her a few weeks ago I wanted to make them for my nieces she said. “I was going to make Frances one for Christmas!”. It was destiny. So yesterday we got together and busted them out. They are so cute I should have made one for my self!

How do you recycle worn-out art supplies?

When I was pregnant, I became obsessed with acquiring as little baby gear as possible. Looking back, I have to admit I went a little overboard. Like, maybe I could have bought two bottles instead of one bottle. The funny thing is, I had no idea how much worse the clutter would get once the baby started growing. At age seven, my daughter has so many clothes and toys, it’s ridiculous. So much for minimalism.


The worst of it is the art supplies. I recently culled Audrey’s crayons and markers and filled a big box with duplicates and castoffs. I also had to throw away quite a few markers that dried out. I’m not sure what to do about all this waste. After all, we’ve long maintained that art supplies make great green gifts for children. (In fact, I’d say 100% of my daughter’s art supplies were gifts from friends and relatives.) They promote creativity and occupy their little hands for hours at a time.

How to Make a Paper Spider in Its Web: An Easy DIY Halloween Decoration

This post originally ran in 2009. I’m re-running it today because it has remained one of our most popular Halloween posts!

First, take a square piece of paper and fold it in half. I usually just start cutting out the spider freehand, but if you prefer, draw the spider on the paper first, like this:

paper spider1

Then cut out everything surrounding the spider’s body and legs, leaving a border around the edge.

paper spider2

Open it up and there you have it: A creepy paper spider to hang up for Halloween. Tip: If you want the spider to be a black widow, cut a diamond shape out of the abdomen and tape a piece of red paper behind it.

Dyeing Cotton Towels

The pile of towels we bought new eight years ago was perfectly viable, except for the dingy mint color that evolved through hundreds of washings. In my frenzy for a peaceful domestic space, I longed to buy a new set but realized that there must be some way to freshen up what we have. I was missing a few hand towels, but found some in a similar faded green at a thrift store for less than a dollar. I figured that the dye might help the whole lot look like more of a set.

After spending eight bucks on Rit Dye and one hour hastily attempting to dye the towels in a front loading washing machine, I had achieved my goal.

Eco-friendly Art Supplies for Your Budding Artiste

Surprise your tree-hugging Picasso with new, eco-friendly art supplies this holiday season!

Alex Eco Craft ($12.99) comes with everything your child needs to create over twenty craft projects. Best for ages 6-8.


Stockmar Beeswax Stick Crayons ($21.45). Set of sixteen crayons.


Eco Kids Natural Plant Dye Modeling Dough Made in the USA ($19.89)


Artterro Art Dolls Kit ($19.95). Here’s Amazon’s product description:

Eco-friendly art kits from Artterro have colorful, fun art supplies. No two kits are exactly alike, each features a unique assortment of colors and patterns. Craft four fun dolls with gorgeous handmade paper, glass beads, colorful 100% wool felt dresses and needle and thread. Turn them into bookmarks, decorations, scrapbook covers, friends to play with or even pins to wear! Ages 7 and up.