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The Newest Green Baby Has Arrived!



Last Wednesday, November 12th, the newest member of the Green Baby Guide was welcomed into the world.  Allison was born at home just before noon with the help of a midwife, assistant midwife and doula (and, of course, my husband and mom).  We are happy to say that this was our second home birth and our first water birth!

Mom and baby are recovering nicely with the support of friends and family. Big sister Franci is still adjusting to her new role and insists on touching her sister’s downy head as often as possible.

We are excited to meet all the challenges that come with a growing family, and I’m sure that Alli will provide plenty of inspiration for blogging!

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Entering the NO phase



It happened almost over night.  One day Franci said yes to just about everything.  Do you want cheese? “Yeah.”  Do you want your teddy bear? “Yeah.” Do you want a hug? “Yeah.” Then all of a sudden the answer to everything was “Ye-Oh”, followed by “No” two days later.

If it were just lip-service, it wouldn’t be so bad. But she really does mean “no”! No shoes, no potty, no milk, NO! I realize this is a classic phase that every child goes through, and “this too shall pass” is the typical parental mantra, but still!

How did you deal with the “No Phase”? Since it just started for us, I still need to decide a course of action. Do I let Franci run around the cold house naked (since clothes are clearly a “no”) or do I wrangle a squirmy, squealing little girl into her pants and a shirt? Asserting independence and having an opinion is one thing, but so is having authority and being in charge! Is the struggle easier if you don’t have a full term baby squirming around from the inside?

Correcting Bad Baby Behavior

Some things never change

Some things never change

Frances’ “bad behavior” started off with hair pulling and nipple biting.  A stern “NO” and forcing her to release the hair (or nipple) results in a giggle and a big smile.  She has since grown out of these – through no help from me, I suspect – and has moved on to hitting.  It’s not often, but when she does hit I grab the offending arm firmly, look her right in the eye, and give her a stern “NO”.

Like all babies and toddlers, she loves computers.  If she’s sitting on my lap while I type, she struggles in my arms to reach for the keyboard.  Moving her farther away, or removing the keyboard from her path, results in a meltdown.  I calmly explain that my computer isn’t a toy, and she can’t sit on my lap if she won’t follow directions and not touch my computer.  This doesn’t really work.

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Book Review: Good Night, I Love You

Bedtime Book

Our Bedtime Book

Franci has loved this book since she was old enough to turn pages. I’m not sure what attracted her to it a year ago, but she preferred it over her other board book. Perhaps it was the soothing colors, or the soft cover, or that it is oversized. For some reason she preferred to turn its pages than those of another book.

Recently it has become her go-to bedtime book and she loves it more than ever. She likes to point at the characters and details and can follow along as the little boy and girl get ready for bed. I’m sure she enjoys the story now and not just turning the pages, since she is getting ready right along with them.