Holiday Gift Ideas for Baby or Expectant Mother: Ergo Baby Carrier

Lately it seems like every other mom totes her tot around town in an Ergo Baby Carrier. Seeing all these other mamas with their Ergos made me wonder, what’s the big deal? My curiosity was also piqued by several comments on our baby carrier post. Ergo owners enthusiastically declared their loyalty to this comfy contraption.

But we loved our Kangaroo Korner pouch sling and even came to enjoy our preowned Baby Bjorn carrier after some technical difficulties. Why on earth would we buy another carrier?

ergo carrier is a great baby gift ideaWe didn’t, but we probably would have if we would have known with our first.  A friend urged us to borrow hers, but we were still hesitant.  It seemed difficult to strap on and like just another carrier to pack into our tiny house.  But when we used it, we were surprised by how much better it worked for our bodies.  When Jovi has been snoozing in it for over an hour, we aren’t struggling with aching shoulders or necks.  Plus, she can ride in the front or the back when she gets older.  Since her weight is centralized and the device has padded straps, we found it to be much more “ergonomically correct” –which may just be how this carrier got its name.

We Have a Winner! Our Shaklee Dishwashing Liquid Giveaway

We chose a winner for our Shaklee dish soap giveaway and review: Congratulations, Katie! You’ll have to report back with your thoughts on this wonder product. I still can’t believe a sixteen-ounce bottle lasted over a half a year, especially considering how ineffective some of the other green dish soaps I tried were. Thanks to Green and Clean Mom for hosting this giveaway.

Also, I finally added a “Washing Dishes” category so that it is easy to find all of my dish washing posts. I plan to get a dish washer for the first time in my adult life, so I will probably have a few more posts to add to this exciting category very soon!

Baby Blend Tees Organic T-Shirt Giveaway

Jennifer Leaphart founded Baby Blend Tees after creating a few adorable shirts for her own children and being stopped by strangers who wanted some themselves.  Her designs are simple, clever, kid-friendly and printed on sweat-shop free, 100% organic cotton. 

Baby Blends Tees has gathered national attention after being featured in Pregnancy and Newborn magazine, E-The Environmental Magazine, The Chicago Sun Times and The Chicago Tribune.  Fabulous press for a small company started by a multitasking mother!

It’s nice to know that Leaphart has made business decisions that include the planet in her long range planning.  Beyond the fact that the company uses organic cotton, Baby Blend Tees also belongs to 1% for the Planet, a group of businesses that donate 1% of their annual sales to environmental programs.