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TBT: Used Baby Gear


Just as good or not good enough?

I’ve always been a bigger fan of “Reusing” than “Reducing” and “Recycling”. I’m not the only thriftstore bargin hunter and garage-salers at The Green Baby Guide, so I combed through the archives for the best posts on used baby gear.

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Alternative Choices to Halloween Candy

I think I might give these out this Halloween

I think I might give these out this Halloween

Let’s face it: no kid wants to find raisins instead of candy in their Halloween loot. A toothbrush? Come on! Still, not all of us are comfortable with giving out a bunch of junk food to the neighborhood kids. Are there any kid-approved alternatives, candy or otherwise?

I always thought that packs of stickers were a good choice. There might not be a one-size-fits-all sticker, but you can stock up on choices that appeal to separate age groups and genders. Or just get scratch and sniff stickers, since who doesn’t like those? The bonus is that you can save leftovers for next year, like if you get rolls of Halloween stickers.

TBT: DIY Halloween Costumes

Me, dressed as Swimming Bear, on Halloween

Me, dressed as Swimming Bear, on Halloween

My favorite part of Halloween has always been making my own costume.  Not only do you get to come up with a creative idea, but then you get to scour all the local thrift stores for the perfect materials! The ones you don’t find lurking in your own closet, that is.  We’ve posted about DIY Halloween costumes every year, and here are some of the best posts!





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Holiday Guilt

Not at our house!

Not at our house!

I have a confession to make: we do not have a Christmas tree. In fact, of the nine Christmases my husband and I have been together, we have not once gotten a tree. Every year there is a different reason not to get a tree (we’re moving, we’re going to be out of town, the decorations are in the storage unit across town and I’d rather be baking cookies, etc.).

In the back of my mind I’ve always thought that once we had kids we’d have a tree. Well, it’s baby’s first Christmas, and we didn’t get a tree!

Recipe: Rolo Pretzel Bites

Rolo Pretzel Bites

Rolo Pretzel Bites

If you want to bring a homemade treat as a hostess gift or to a party but don’t have time to make anything, try this recipe! By the time the oven was preheated they were assembled and ready to bake.
Rolo Pretzel Bites

  • Small pretzels (the square ones would work well too)
  • Rolos
  • Pecan halves, and/or red and green M&M’s
  1. Heat oven to 350F.
  2. Line baking sheet with parchment. Unwrap rolos. Place unbroken pretzels on baking sheet.  You can crowd them in real close. Place a rolo on each pretzel in the center.
  3. Bake for 3 minutes until rolos are soft but not melted.  Meanwhile, pick out a few intact pecan halves from the bag.
  4. (more…)

Limiting Holiday Gift Giving

Special Delivery!

Special Delivery!

Most of us have seen the blog post, A Ten-Month-Old’s Letter To Santa and boy is it true!  The tissue and ribbons and boxes are way more entertaining than any of the gifts at baby’s first Christmas.  Despite my best efforts at a recent party, I looked away for one minute and found Frances with magenta lips and fingers from the tissue she thought looked tasty.

Some relatives are more respectful than others of adhering to the “one gift rule” or whatever request you’ve set for holiday gift giving.  Babies are meant to be spoiled, right?  But what happens when the toy chest is too full to close or you can’t make a trip to the bathroom without stepping on a toy or two?

Recipe: Medjool Date Fudge

Looking for a holiday treat that no one else will be bringing to the annual pot-luck?  Fudge is a classic choice, but this spin will have everyone grinning over how “healthy” it is.  There is no added sugar and it uses unsweetened chocolate, an antioxidant powerhouse.  No one will know that it uses dates, unless you tell them.  I’ll leave that decision up to you!

It definitely is a seasonal recipe, since you can only find Medjool dates this time of year.  But you can get them just about anywhere, even Costco! Or if you are a Trader Joe’s fanatic like me, you can find all the ingredients (even the ghee) there.

Homemade Presents for the Holiday


Owl Pillow

I started a tradition a few years ago to make gifts for my nieces each Christmas. I love to craft and sew and, since I can never get organized enough to make them birthday gifts as well, it’s my mission to send them Christmas gifts that I’ve made myself.

This year, the project was Fleece Owl Pillows. My mom and I found a pattern at Jo-Ann Fabrics months ago, and when I told her a few weeks ago I wanted to make them for my nieces she said. “I was going to make Frances one for Christmas!”. It was destiny. So yesterday we got together and busted them out. They are so cute I should have made one for my self!

Baby Proofing for the Holidays



One of the stories re-told year after year involves my brother, a toddler at the time, eating a lightbulb off the tree. Despite my parents’ effort to place all the lights out of reach, he was still able to reach the bottom string and take a big bite out of one of the blue lights. This was when lights were the size of your thumb, not the little ones most trees have today.

The holidays are a magical time for children, and the temptations run high. The flickering candles on the table, the blinking lights everywhere, not to mention all the colorful ornaments and tasty looking tinsel. Or even the edible popcorn and cranberry garlands that are perfect for snacking.