The Saturday Question: What Do You Want to Read on the Green Baby Guide?

We’ve been writing about diapers, daycare, and even dishwashing liquid for the last year and a half–now what? What posts have you enjoyed the most? What kinds of articles do you like reading here on the Green Baby Guide? Are there any topics we haven’t explored that you’re just dying to hear us talk about? Let us know!

The Saturday Question: Cheap Summer Thrills with Baby?

The rain is gone and the sun is out–where should we go, baby? With a winter newborn (and a broken ankle), I felt trapped indoors forever. If I ever have a second child, I’ll make sure it’s born in June, as Joy so wisely did. Walks around the neighborhood, jaunts to the park, camping trips, dips in a wading pool–what are your baby’s favorite summertime amusements?

The Saturday Question: Organic Pesticides and Herbicides–What Have You Tried?

I’m all about organic gardening. In fact, even since I became a homeowner in 2004, I’ve managed to use completely nontoxic methods. Now that I’m in my new place, however, I have a problem: aphids. My new yard features about fifty-five rose bushes, and a couple of them happen to be bug-magnets. I tried an organic spray, which does get rid of the aphids–but also turns the leaves strange colors. I’ve bought bags of ladybugs, but they didn’t seem to stick around long enough to do much good. For now I’m just keeping my eye on the aphids and cutting off the leaves and blossoms they congregate on. Any other solutions?


The Saturday Question: What Frugal Habits Have You Recently Adopted?

This site has always been about going green without going broke. Now that the economy has tanked, our budget-friendly focus may be even more alluring than our eco-friendly angle. Have you had to get even more creative with your frugality over the last few months? Buying fewer fancy coffee drinks and making your own treats at home? Cutting your own hair? Raising your own chickens? Inspire us!

The Saturday Question: Did You Sterilize Your Baby Bottles?

I’ve heard rumors of parents hunched over boiling cauldrons of water, sterilizing everything from bottles to rattles. I’ve also listened to working moms who pump at work complain about the fifteen minutes they spend each day sterilizing their equipment. Now I have to ask: Is this necessary? If you have a dishwasher, you can use that to sterilize your gear. But is hand washing really so bad? I worked part time during my daughter’s first year and used a manual pump that I just rinsed out afterwards. We had a bottle, which we hand-washed along with everything else. Is sterilizing essential to your baby’s health–or is it just a waste of time and energy?

The Saturday Question: How Did You Lose the Baby Weight on a Budget?

If you’re not willing to invest the money or gasoline to drive to the gym a few times a week, is it possible to drop those post-baby pounds?  Absolutely! (Rebecca wrote about free post-pregnancy workouts here.)  But it’s great to hear the creative ways that you’ve found to drop weight without breaking the bank or hurting the environment.  How have you cut calories and found free ways to exercise?  I’m packing on the pounds this pregnancy and already looking forward to being able to be active again so I’m looking forward to your tips!

The Saturday Question: How Did You Green Baby’s Nursery?

Some parents go all out by installing bamboo flooring, using eco-friendly paint, and buying only organic cotton bedding.  Others tend to think that the lightest carbon footprint involves keeping the room as simple as possible by buying less or investing in used gear.  What route did you take?  How did you maintain your green values and your budget?  

The Saturday Question: What Are Your Favorite Free Crafts?

Although it’s impossible for a newborn to assemble a mobile out of recycled egg cartons, I’m frequently amazed by what creative parents do with a bit of artistic ability and household recyclables.  Do you save any containers or boxes for creative play?  If so, what are the free crafts and art projects your children enjoy?  Please clue us in on your creative recycling endeavors!  

The Saturday Question: How Do You De-Clutter Your Home?

Beyond dusting and scrubbing, spring cleaning also means getting rid of the junk that accumulates while we’re coping with the rigors of raising a family.  How do you manage to purge the extra stuff from your home?  How have you dealt with extra baby gear, maternity clothes, or toys?   Do you tackle the whole house at once or have you created a nifty system for handling one area at a time?  Please share your tips!

The Saturday Question: Which Are the Best Summer Baby Slings?

Although my first child loved his fleece pocket sling, our second will be born in the summer and may find it too warm. Does anyone have a suggestion for a great summer sling that might keep baby cooler than fleece could?  Your suggestions will help those of us preparing for warm-weather babies.