The Saturday Question: How do you deal with pooping on the potty?

Thanks to all  of you who helped me begin potty training my two year old son.  It’s amazing how quickly he’s mastered it and we’re happy with the drastic reduction in diaper laundry.  The only hurdle we can’t quite seem to overcome is pooping in the potty.  Although we’ve tried to sit him alone in his room or read books with him for long periods on the potty, he can’t quite seem to master it.  He inevitably goes in his training pants, but only the solid stuff.  He’ll even pee in the potty, pull up his training pants and then poop in them just ten minutes later.  We’ve offered him treats and encouraged this step but we aren’t sure if there’s something else we should be doing.  Any ideas?

The Saturday Question: Do you have ideas for thrifty green dates?

Here at Green Baby Guide, we’re all about saving the planet, raising healthy children, and embracing frugality–but sometimes in the midst of all those goals, it’s easy to forget about reconnecting with your spouse or romantic partner.  How do you manage to fit time for a relationship in with all the other demands in your life?  Do you have any creative ideas for how to get free babysitting and enjoy a night out without breaking the bank?  What are your plans for this Valentines Day?  Thanks for sharing your insights!

The Saturday Question: Are you raising baby in a small space?

Does baby need a minivan, a three bedroom home, and an expansive yard?  As parents peruse baby registries and ponder the sheer bulk of stuff they’re expected to bring home, it certainly can seem that “upsizing” is the only way to raise baby comfortably.  Are you managing to balk the social pressure and raise your little one in a smaller space?  What are the challenges?  What are the benefits?  What would you tell other expectant parents who are hoping to manage with less space when baby arrives?  Thanks for sharing your experiences!

The Saturday Question: What was baby’s first food?

Many pediatricians recommend rice cereal as a standby, but conflicting information is emerging about making homemade porridge or feeding baby pureed avocados.  What did you first feed your little one and how was it received?  Did you get lots of advice from friends and family?  What seemed to work best?  Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

The Saturday Question: How did you gear up for your adopted child?

Adoption is catching on in America, which is a great thing for families, children and the environment.  We thought we’d ask the experts (adoptive parents) how they prepared for their new addition.  If a family knows they’re going to be welcoming a newborn there’s a lot more information about what you’ll need, but many adoptive families aren’t sure how old baby will be when the adoption proceedings are complete.  How did you deal with baby shower and gift registries?  What tips would you pass on to families who are beginning to prepare for their baby’s arrival?

The Saturday Question: Was breastfeeding worth it?

There’s no doubt that breastfeeding is best for everyone involved, but many moms aren’t sure they can stick with it in those early sleep-deprived days.  Since breastfeeding is so healthy for mom, baby, and the environment, we’d love to gather up a few of your stories about breastfeeding your baby.   What were the highlights?  What were the challenges?  How did your friends and family react?  Did you manage to breastfeed despite obstacles like working full time or having to pump all your milk and bottle feed?  Your stories will help so many of our readers as they struggle to nourish their babies, save the planet, and get a few hours of sleep now and then.  Thanks so much for sharing!


The Saturday Question: Did You Cloth Diaper With Twins or Triplets?

If you did, we want to hear from you!  We are often amazed by the ingenuity and commitment of our readers and use your stories to share with other new parents.  Many families are overwhelmed by the idea of cloth diapering one child, let alone two or three.  If you’ve managed to use cloth with multiples, even part of the time, we’d love to hear your stories.     We’d love to know how many diapers you bought, how much laundry you did, and how cloth may have been unexpectedly convenient.  Please comment on this page or email us if you have some experience that might help other parents.

The Saturday Question: Did You Use Organic Baby Food?

While most families want to feed their baby organic baby food, cost can sometimes be a barrier.  Did you splurge on organic meals for baby?  Did you find a way to offset the cost by making your own organic purees or harvesting produce from a family garden?  If you did buy prepared organic baby food, where did you find the best deals and the best quality? Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us this weekend!

The Saturday Question: Which Cloth Diapers Provide the Best (and Worst) Leakage Protection?

We love gathering up green parent advice and are already thankful for the tips we got from last week’s post on potty training.  This week, we turn to cloth diaper users for their experiential wisdom.

What are your favorite brands/styles of cloth diapers?  We’re especially interested in which diapers have provided the least leakage and the best fit, but we’d also like to hear about brands that turned out to be total duds. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!