Dreaming of a Meat-free Christmas? Vegetarian Holiday Recipes

As a vegetarian, I usually graze on side dishes for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  This is actually just fine with me, as I do love rolls, cranberry sauce, and green beans (though not in the form of green bean casserole!).  This year I am hosting Christmas dinner, and my guests have assured me that they don’t mind going meatless.   So what should I serve?  Here are some websites with vegetarian feast ideas:

The Veggie Table has suggestions for every course, from appetizers to meat-free main course options.  I like the idea of a Christmas salad made from red, white, and green ingredients.

Veg Kitchen features a holiday menu that takes advantage of “late season” produce.  The carrot and orange soup sounds tempting.

Eco-friendly Holiday Tips from the World Wide Web

Here are a few links to make your holiday season a bit greener this year!

Mindful Mama wrote about Greener Gift Wrap and Why I Heart Thrifting.

Suite 101.com has an article about Eco-friendly Kids’ Toys for 2008.

Here’s an old National Geographic article on how to have an eco-friendly Christmas.

We weighed the pros and cons of artificial and live Christmas trees in our last Thrifty Green ThursdayHere’s an Eco-friendly Daily article from the perspective of someone who grew up on a tree farm.

This article is a year old, but here are some eco-friendly Hanukah ideas from the Sunshine Chronicles.

Treehugging Family wrote about giving gifts of experience or necessity.  We also had a post about reducing environmental impact with gifts of experience, as well as 5 Unexpectedly Green Gifts for babies and kids.

The Green Baby Guide Mailbox Fuels our Sunday Round-up

This week I’m sifting through our email inbox to let you know what’s going on in the green parenting world.

Not the Jet Set wrote us requesting a link exchange.  You’ll notice they’ve been added to our blogroll.  They’ve posted some great articles lately, such as ways to save money this winter and Can Kids Comprehend Value at Age 5?

Are you on our blogroll?  There are so many wonderful eco-conscious bloggers out there, and we may not have had a chance to add some of you to our blogroll.  If you don’t see your blog listed, please drop us a line and we’ll do a link exchange!

Sunday Round Up: Green Bloggers Changing the World This Week

What a glorious and empowering week it’s been in green-blogger land! 

Crunchy Domestic Goddess has helped to shut down an offensive Motrin ad just by posting a few blogs voicing her opinion. The ad referred to baby-wearing (i.e., using a sling) as something that’s “in fashion” but horribly painful.  You’ll have to read the entire text of the ad to catch its condescending spirit, but it was pretty awful.  Within hours of blogging about it, this is the email that Crunchy Domestic Goddess received directly from the company.  Bravo! 

We also have to commend EnviroMom for being featured on Nightline in a story about household waste reduction.  Since Heather and Renee started the One Can a Month Challenge, they’ve been doling out great tips that have impacted hundreds if not thousands of families.  Check out their Nightline clip here. 


Sunday Round-up: Toy Recalls, Homemade Cranberry Sauce, and Safer Children’s Products

Not Quite Crunchy Parent writes It’s Not Christmas Time–It’s Recall Time!  Whether you buy new or used toys for the holidays, it’s good to know what’s safe and what’s not.

Along similar lines, Mindful Momma has a list of books and websites that will help you find safer children’s products.  One of her recommendations is Healthy Child, Healthy World, which is both a book and a blog.  While the Healthy Child, Healthy World blog does have what in my opinion is an overabundance of warnings on harmful toxins lurking all around us, there are also many read-worthy posts such as The Making of a Green Mom and a discussion of sustainable design.

Nine Green Blogs I’ve “Tagged” + Giveaway Updates

Donna over at the Frugal Mom Blog “tagged” us this week.  Thanks Frugal Mom!  According to tagging rules, this means we must do the following:

1) Link back to the person who tagged you and share the rules on your blog
2) Share 7 facts about yourself
3) Tag seven people and list their links in your post
4) Tell those 7 people by commenting on their blog!

Because this is the Green Baby Guide (motto: Down-to-earth Ways to Save Time, Money, and the Planet), I’ll try to list things that have to do with babies, greenness,  frugality, and this website.

Seven Things about Me:

1. At 8 months pregnant, I fell down our basement stairs and broke my ankle.

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As for the rest of the blogosphere, here are some posts that caught my eye this week:

Frugal Babe discusses ways to save money on eyecare.  Most Americans go without vision insurance, so this is a great read for anyone who needs glasses or contacts.

Pumpkin Waffles, Diaper Talk, and Our Wooden Toy Giveaway: the Sunday Round-up

5 Dollar Dinners published a recipe for pumpkin chocolate chip waffles.  Delicious!  (Or, as Audrey would say, “dewishiss.”)

Grow Baby Green is the newest addition to our blogroll.  Tara has a lot of helpful articles for new parents.  Recent posts include 7 Reasons Why to Stop Using Tap Water to Mix Formula, Massaged Babies Sleep More and Cry Less, and Tips for Eliminating Junk Mail.

Our Home on the Range has a great post about diapers, which includes her reviews of gDiapers, Kissaluvs, bumGenius 3.0, and many other cloth diapers.

Don’t forget to enter our wooden toy giveaway.  Simply post a comment and you’ll have a chance to win these great natural stacking rings from Natural Pod.

Green Colleges, Safe Halloween, and Etsy Soap and Bibs: Our Sunday Round-up

Are you already daydreaming about sending your green baby off to a green college?  Check out MSN’s slideshow of the top green colleges in the nation, according to the Princeton Review.  The University of Oregon made the list, if anyone wants to send the kids our way.

Organic 4 Baby is giving away the little Joli Bebe Organic outfit pictured above.  Check it out and enter before October 21!

Crunchy Domestic Goddess has tips for keeping kids, babies, and even dogs safe on Halloween.

Do we write about baking soda and vinegar too much?  No?  Okay, here’s yet another use for vinegar: it removes wallpaper!  This tip is brought to you by Gray Matters.

High Heeled Shoes for Baby and Other Noteworthy Topics on our Sunday Round-Up

Organic Baby Resource is holding an Organic Baby Contest.  Submit your reviews of organic baby products you’ve tried and you’ll be entered to win several great prizes, including a one-month supply of Plum Organics Baby Food, an organic baby t-shirt, a gift certificate from Wild Dill, Green to Grow bottles,  and a diaper cake from Grow In Style.  All this is worth over $350!

Baby Cheapskate posts about a 33% off sale on bumGenius cloth diapers!

Mindful Momma shares her homemade cracker recipe so you can avoid the excess packaging and the high price of the grocery store varieties.

Haute Nature links to several creative Halloween costumes and favor ideas.  My favorite: dressing your baby as a car air freshener!